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In 1993 a cynical New York City sportswriter is sent to a small Iowa town to cover the final season of 6-on-6 girls' high school basketball and discovers the town's undying love for the nearly century old game. His search for a story leads him to the hometown girl turned coach, the star player and her alcoholic father, plus a legendary player who hasn't returned to the gym in 40 years.


Thor Moreno


Kurt Oberhaus
as Jimmy Voss
Ava Hawthorne
as Laney Mitchell

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cachapmania 3 /10

Good Idea, Poor Execution

This could have had a lot of potential. It makes for an interesting story line, converting it to a love story. However, the budget had to be so low, I think it might have been filmed on an iPad. The acting was really weak, the camera work was slow, the scene fades were awkward and there were a ton of choppy scenes. I think most of the actors had to be pulled directly from the nearby towns. The lead male actor was actually decent, but after that, it was pretty rough. I graduated high school in the early 90's so this was a pretty neat idea for a movie. But again, it was just done so poorly.

Reviewed by markusfocus 1 /10

So bad its almost funny.

So bad an attempt at a movie, and telling a story, that its almost funny. And if it was a parody it would be all the way funny. But unfortunately, it's not. But it is truly Pathetic. I watched with my sister in-law, who was on one of the most acclaimed 6 on 6 teams ever in Oklahoma. They went 28-0 in their championship year. We were anticipating seeing either a historical film telling what was special of the lost but great competitive game of 6 0n 6 basketball, and/or perhaps a really good movie or story to go with it. This movie was none of the above. I would rate it a ZERO if I could. The acting is bad, the production is terrible, the script is predictably awful, and the whole package is quite unbelievably poor. I has no creativity, artistry, nor chemistry. To say that a most student film projects would be a better watch than this, would be an insult to student films. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

Reviewed by soniashaw-86562 N/A

Terrible movie

I couldn't agree more with markusfocus! I had to turn it off! I played 6 on 6 in the exact area the movie takes place in AND the lead basketball player is from my hometown in that same county! So, you see, I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't watch more than 30 minutes. The only things that they did a good job on was the landscape scenes and the 1st gym you see them play a game in. I say the 1st gym because that is as far as I got so I can't evaluate the others. OOVEERR RAAAATED

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