Lynching Postcards: 'Token of A Great Day' (2021) torrent download

Lynching Postcards: 'Token of A Great Day'





During 1880-1968 over 4,000 African Americans were lynched at the hands of white mobs. These lynchings were commemorated through souvenir postcards that would ultimately be subverted by Black activists to expose racist violence in the U.S.


Christine Turner

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Reviewed by oldvicar N/A

Talking heads style

This is a rotation of 3 appointed taking heads and images, not all of which are postcards. The mixture of represented fact and opinion about the images as a style has become a norm in 'documentary' making but I find it unsatisfactory; it will however prompt me to look for objective sources of fact as to the background for some of the images and compare that to the generic and specific claims made by the talking heads. Horrific subject matter and thought provoking.

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