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Breast Implant sickness. She has her 30 year old implants removed. No bra needed now.

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Reviewed by workoutsmurf 3 /10

I Just Couldn't...

First of all I want to say that I have been a fan of Michelle since I saw her on Drag Race, she's always been entertaining. I really didn't find this film "important and informative" as indicated by another review, let's put this into perspective. Michelle had her first implants at 21, because she felt her breasts were too small. That is a decision she made, she CHOOSE to have this surgery, it was NOT needed nor was it life-threatening. THEN within the following years she had them ENLARGED two more times, for a total of 3 breast implant surgeries. These were all choices she made, and I am certain that the doctors also explained the possible side-effects and dangers that could arise with those surgeries. For those out there that would say "oh no the doctors don't say anything" keep it to yourselves, my father is a cosmetic surgeon and I KNOW first hand that they DO explain the possible dangers to every surgery. She is NOT a victim, this is and was her choice. It's very sad that things ended up as they did, but this movie should be a testament to people's vanity. All those surgeries and enlargements to feel more of a woman than others, and to be "top of the heap" no doubt. The movie was too one-sided, making her appear as a helpless victim, and drum up sympathy for her and hatred for the men that "forced" her into this situation. Blaming everything else BUT HER for that choice. This movie won't help anyone make any "informed choice" it's far more of an opinion piece than anything medical or technical. It's the age of information and ALL the information for one to make an "informed choice" is at their fingertips.

Reviewed by kekka-91783 10 /10

Important and informative.

A really great examination of not just Michelle's experience, but also our relationship as a culture to breast augmentation and the history of this medical device. I have personal experience with this topic and it was emotional to feel a connection to all of the women featured in this film. Bravo to Michelle for speaking up and hopefully pointing out to some people information that will help them make more informed choices.

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