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Fly Me to Polaris


Drama / Fantasy / Romance



A young man, blind and dumb, works as an audio tape typist in a hospital and fostering a tender and sincere relationship with a beautiful but introverted nurse. When hit by a car, he is the sixty billionth human being to die on earth, and is on transit to Polaris, en route to a yet more sophisticated form of existence in Vega. Given a reprieve of five days and a chance to be reunited with his love on earth, he cannot reveal his true identity behind the temporary facade he must present to her. Both boy and girl eventually learn, through a tangle of difficult and miraculous events, how love and good things always find ways of creeping into people's lives when people are not greedy and least expect these blessings. —L.H. Wong


Jingle Ma


Cecilia Cheung
as Autumn Yue
Eric Tsang
as Jumboball
William So
as Dr. Wu
Sheren Tang
as Autumn's sister
Eric Kot
as Angel
Sandy Lam
as Radio DJ

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 9 /10

Beautiful in every way...

"Fly Me to Polaris" ("Xing Yuan") is one of the top three Hong Kong movies that had an impact on me and my movie viewing history. Why? Well because it is simply a very heartfelt and warm story, a romantic story that is very sad and beautiful.

The movie's two lead roles, played by Richie Ren (playing Onion/Cheuk) and Cecilia Cheung (playing Autumn Yue) have such great on-screen chemistry together that it really is a perfect match. And truth be told, then Cecilia Cheung is cut out for these particular type of roles, because she aces it here in "Fly Me to Polaris", just as she did in "Failan".

The story is quite beautiful and moving. It is about a blind and dumb man who works at a hospital, where he has fallen in love with a reclusive nurse. Tragedy strikes, leaving the man to die, but he is given five days on Earth to be reunited with his love. Unfortunately he cannot reveal his true identity. But the power of love and the powers of fate always have a way of setting things right.

If you enjoy Asian cinema, and Hong Kong cinema in particular, then you definitely have to acquaint yourself with "Fly Me to Polaris", if you haven't already done so, because this is one of the most brilliant movie moments in the non-action genre to come out of Hong Kong. And the movie is accompanied by a beautiful title track that is brilliantly sung by Cecilia Cheung.

A word of advice, if you are the sentimental type, then you might want to have a tissue or two at hand when you watch this movie.

Reviewed by Mike Astill 6 /10

A touching and lovely piece of cinema

Onion (Ren) is blind, mute and has to live in hospital, but his life is good as he's in love with his beautiful nurse, Autumn (Cheung). Unfortunately he expresses his joy by dancing around like a nutter, and ends up being hit by a car and killed in a (presumably) unintentionally funny scene. His spirit flies to, er, Polaris, where he's given a chance to return to Earth for five days and see the face of his beloved for the first time. The only problem is, he'll look completely different from when he was alive and won't be able to reveal who he is.

He agrees, but once he sees Autumn again he knows he cannot leave without telling her how he feels, and knowing if she feels the same.

Explain the premise of this movie to anyone, and they might well steer clear of it. And that would be a bit of a shame as, while you could find it painfully syrupy and melodramatic, you might also find it a touching and lovely piece of cinema. I guess it depends how cynical you are.

A young Cecilia Cheung is earnest and pretty, and acts the socks off her overacting co-star. To be fair, Onion would be a difficult part for anyone to play, and it's perhaps too much for Taiwanese pop star Ren.

It's a beautiful looking film, and the score is heartfelt and enjoyable when it isn't being overly intrusive.

The Deltamac DVD provides a decent picture and clear subtitling, with only a small amount of on-the-fly grammar correction required.

Reviewed by leekandham 7 /10

Flies to touching emotions

This is a gorgeous love story that is full of emotional twists. It tells of Onion (Richie Ren), a blind and dumb man who is cared for by a nurse, Autumn (Cecilia Cheung). A year after they met, they begin to fall in love, but a car accident kills Onion, and their love seems all but lost. However, chance strikes and as the 60 billionth person to go to Heaven (aka Polaris), he chooses to return to see Autumn. But he only has 5 days, and she cannot know his identity.

Whilst the overall plot may seem quite simple, the film is full of cute little love stories put together, but in no way does it feel fragmented as the flow of the film works beautifully. I wouldn't say that the direction or cinematography was anything special, but that was particularly down to the strength of the script. Cecilia Cheung gives a great and natural performance, Richie Ren, however, mostly seems to overact, and the transition from a childlike blind and dumb man to a mature and philosophical person on his return to Earth seems somewhat flawed. Ok, one might argue, death changes you, your eyes have literally been opened, etc., etc., but surely a character doesn't change as dramatically as his! A mention also for William So, who really does a good performance as Dr Woo. It would have been nice to get a deeper insight in his character.

With three singers in the lead roles, it is not surprising to hear a good soundtrack accompanies the movie. Cecilia's almost haunting lead track does complement the film brilliantly.

In summary, this is a good film to watch, with some originality and an excellent performance by Cecilia Cheung - it's one to watch in the back row with a loved one!

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