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Air Strike


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A small US attack force is sent to an East European country to aid the government in neutralizing a powerful drug syndicate.

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Reviewed by Wizard-8 N/A

Really bad

The Nu Image film company can often be depended on to deliver some good, mindless action in one of their straight-to-video movies, but this particular one drops the ball in EVERY aspect that you can think of. You shouldn't be surprised that there is no one in the cast that you recognize - not only was the movie apparently too cheap to hire even a faded B movie star, but the dialogue is often so bad that even a faded B movie star would think this movie would destroy their reputation. Needless to say, the unexperienced no-name cast is incredibly bad at spouting off the inane dialogue. What about action, surely there must be at the very least some good, mindless action? Nope. A lot of the footage of the flying Apache helicopters is obviously footage from the major studio movie "Firebirds", cut together with the new footage to make things absolutely unexciting. Pathetic explosions and bad use of slow motion are the icing on this turd-flavored cake. If you were a willing participant in the making of this movie, shame! Shame!

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 5 /10

Air Strike has every cliché in the book!

The second-best of the "American Heroes" series (the best being Special Forces), Air Strike is a cliché-ridden mess, but it's not boring. At least not most of the time.

When evil drug lord Ivan Stefanovich (Geraskov) and his nefarious army, the Tiger Guard, start causing trouble in the Eastern European country of Petrovia, the American helicopter pilots are called in to start shooting and missile-ing everything in sight. Ben Garret (Rusler) is called out of retirement to handle the situation because apparently his brother Jack was a legendary soldier. When Charlie (Gareis) (who turns out to be a...woman *gasp!*) joins the squadron, Top Gun-style sparks fly. Just because she is General Cornelius Jones' daughter, she doesn't want any special treatment. Garret is eventually captured and tortured by the baddies, but then he rejoins his team to exact an explosive revenge.

Now, I'm all for patriotism. I probably love America more than anyone you'll ever meet, but this is just ridiculous. It's like director David Worth was given the mandate "make it patriotic", and he went so far over the top it almost seems snide. It's as if he saying "Oh, they want patriotism, I'll give 'em patriotism..." There's an American flag in almost every scene in the movie, and the characters chant "U-S-A! U-S-A!" so much it's actually embarrassing. Interestingly, if you look at the end credits, the films in the American Heroes series are not made by Americans so I wonder what they thought about all this. But then again, I suppose no one's stopping them from making their own movie about Bulgarian pride.

It's hard to tell what's worse: the CGI missiles and helicopters, or the fact that they were mixed with actual explosions and stunts in an attempt to fool the audience into thinking it's all seamless. And while the character of Walker (Burdick) is constantly reading Lord of the Rings, and the character of Perez (Ivo Tonchev) is simply cliché-fodder, our hats should go off to Robert Rusler as Garret. We all know (or should know) Rusler from 80's classics like personal favorite Thrashin. Even though the one-liners he says to himself are not clever in any way, shape or form, his charm and charisma almost saves Air Strike. That's paying the man a great compliment. He all but triumphs over impossible odds. He deserves a lot of credit for making the film less of a slog of CGI doom. But saying any one actor or performance could transcend, and make Air Strike a good movie is like asking someone to go up Niagara Falls in a barrel. But kudos for Rusler for almost pulling it off.

Other things worth noting are the funny, overly deep and gravelly overdubbed "bad guy voice" Ivan Stefanovich has, the TV monitor that the military brass are constantly watching that says in giant letters taped to the screen "DRONE SCREEN" (maybe the film of Air Strike was playing on it...ha!), and the fact that Garret's team in the film is called "Blue Thunder". Why would they make the audience recall in their minds a good helicopter movie, thus making the one they are currently watching seem even worse by comparison? But the bottom line is that Air Strike has every cliché in the book and a lot of flaws, but Robert Rusler does his best.

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Reviewed by Enchorde 3 /10

Crashed and burned...

Recap: A small US force of some rangers and attack helicopters (apaches) is sent to the east European country of Petrovia (? -if I remember correctly) to aid the government in their battle against drug-lord/terrorist Ivan and his militia. A first strike against a drug convoy results in two apaches hit and three pilots dead. To replace them a retired ace is brought in, and a daughter of a general turns up. But before the unit can plan next strike, Ivan takes revenge, striking against a bank and the American mess hall. Now, it is personal...

Comments: I think that somewhere before they started to make this movie someone thought: "Hm, I sure do got a lot of fireworks, what to do? I know, lets make a movie! And hey, aren't those American helicopters cool?" Anyway, that it is how it seems. The one thing that is of good quality and done well are the explosions. No money spared there, and hence everything in sight blows up, for one reason or another, and blows up big. There are lot of huge fireballs. The apaches seem to have been a little harder to come by. So a lot of sequences of the helicopters are animated (poorly), and others seem to be to taken from some kind of commercial or technical video. The few scenes of real apaches I'm pretty sure are taken from the American mid west, although the movie is set in Europe.

The plot and story is bad, cheesy and predictable. Our helicopter hero is worse than Rambo, even when fighting on the ground. His magazines are unlimited and he is impossible to hit (which is in fact stated in the movie, he is simply charmed). On the other hand, the evil and supposedly well-trained militia acts and fights worse than kindergarten kids with water-rifles. I don't know what to think of the acting. To be fair they do not have much material to work with. But the acting do not elevate the average at all, so it is rather poor too.

Still, much of the impression a movie makes is about expectations. And this movie delivers about what I expected. I expected a simple movie with little story and much action. I got most of it. But they could have put a little more effort in it, and it would have been so much better.


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