The Blue Choker (2018) torrent download

The Blue Choker


Horror / Thriller



Yeh, a gifted student, transfers to Edison Junior High, a private school renowned for its academic performance. Disturbed by the gloomy atmosphere and distorted institutions, the rebellious Yeh begins to challenge everything he sees and feels. Little does he know that he is slowly falling into the treacherous trap of the mysterious "Dorm 420".


David Chang Hsun-Wei


Nikki Hsieh
as Chou Ya-ting
Tien Niu
as Principle - Fang Yuan
Alice Tsai-yi Huang
as Ms. Cheng I-Chen
Yi-Wen Chen
as Dorm Master - Fang Tzu-kang
Duan Chun-hao
as Yeh Chun's Father
Hsuan-yen Tsai
as Yeh Chun's Mother