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Amityville in the Hood





An Eastside gang uses the Amityville property to grow marijuana when they are attacked by a rival gang and their drugs stolen. Soon, it's unleashed on the Westside streets of Compton, where anyone who smokes it suffers one KILLER buzz.

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Reviewed by mezaial-192-574849 1 /10


Jesus Christ! So it appears any mook can just take the Amityville name and slap it on to any piece of garbage they like.

Any time I see the word "Amityville" I know it is a movie that should be avoided like the plague.

Reviewed by lunalu 10 /10

beautifully made, cinematic masterpiece

I sat through the whole hour and ten minute move and all I can say is that I am shocked at the pure talent that was put into this movie, the acting was sublime, and the camera panels that were randomly put into the movie really made it feel real. All the loose ends were tied up perfectly and if I do say so myself it was a great ending to the Amityville series, If I could give it a higher score I would. Amazing. An hour well spent.

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