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Gilbert Gonzalez (Adrian Martinez), feels isolated from the world. He is 39, a virgin, obese and lives with his sarcastic, overprotective mother, who owns the Manhattan brownstone. Fearful of life and people, yet starving for human connection, Gilbert takes photos of women secretly, wherever and whenever he can. Enter Jana, (Dascha Polanco), a tenant in the building and the source of innumerable fantasies. Jana is a contradiction -- beautiful but haunted by her own insecurities that inhibit her from standing up to her ex-boyfriend Tony, (Raul Castillo), an Iraq war vet with PTSD. Gilbert dreams of rescuing Jana but doesn't believe she could ever love him, especially if she knew about all the secret photos. This love triangle becomes a battle for human connection which is increasingly difficult in our digital and disconnected world.


Mozhan Marnò
as Detective Rivera
Adrian Martinez
as Gilbert Gonzalez
Emilio Delgado
as Rodolfo Gonzalez
Socorro Santiago
as Carmen Gonzalez

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atractiveeyes 1 /10


I came across this film accidentally and decided to check it out because its premise seemed interesting but turns out to be bad on so many levels. The story is stupid and ridiculous. Directing is a mess. Screenplay is so weak and cheesy. It badly tries to tackle multiple topics so it loses its main path. Performances are lame.

Reviewed by Adamanthe 1 /10

Neckbeard fantasy

Imagine if the pervert next door who takes pervert pictures of women, hides cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of unsuspecting women becomes the hero of a story.

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