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Action / Horror



A group of college students head into the rainforest to look for cave drawings. But a once thought to be extinct fifty-foot boa constrictor is out hungry for blood.


Mario N. Bonassin

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 /10

Nothing outstanding here...

When I stumbled upon the 2021 movie "Megaboa" here in 2022, of course I had to sit down and watch it. I do find these gargantuan creature features to be fun to watch. Sure, most of them are really, really bad, but still, every now and again there is one that proves enjoyable.

And when I saw The Asylum's name on the screen, I have to admit that I went from having zero expectations to the movie to thinking 'oh no'. But still, I carried on and opted to watch "Megaboa".

Luckily then "Megaboa" is not the archetypical mockbuster that The Asylum is mostly known for, so on that account then it was a step in the right direction. But "Megaboa" wasn't exactly a top notch creature feature.

The storyline told in "Megaboa", as written by Alex Heerman, was pretty generic and typical for a creature feature. So you are not in for anything grand here.

Then there was the matter of the cast ensemble and the acting performances. Well, it is no secret that with a movie such as "Megaboa" then there is a snowball's chance in Hell of you being in for Shakespearian performances or anything even overly great. And on that note, then "Megaboa" delivered what was expected. It should be said that the movie has Eric Roberts listed as the main attraction, and boy is he cringeworthy to watch as he stumbles through what can only be guessed is supposed to be acting and delivering dialogue.

Visually then "Megaboa" was actually adequate. I mean, the CGI animated snake looked fair enough. It wasn't spectacular CGI, but it worked out well enough for a movie such as this.

If you enjoy monstrous creature movies, then "Megaboa" is not the best of options.

My rating of "Megaboa" lands on a generous four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by staunton-gary 3 /10

Without certain four letter words

This is going to be difficult without using a few choice four letter words, so instead... Do Not Bother. If you decide to venture on in, prepare yourself for a crap ride of bad acting and life choices.

Reviewed by nebk 1 /10


Megaboa is so bad It makes Anaconda and Anaconda The Hunt For The Blood Orchid look like oscar winning films written by Shakespeare and directed by Spielberg. Megaboa doesn't even try to change the story of the two previoysly mentioned movies much. An expedition on an island runs into a poacher. The expedition leader played by Eric Roberts gets a spider bite and can be helped by a specific orchid. The expedition team tries to find the orchid but runs into massive snakes. Most get squashed and eaten.

The acting is bad, the soundtrack is terrible, the story incoherent more or less and the effects are so bad they are funny. The only good thing achieved by watching this is knowing that every movie watched this year will be better than this one.

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