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After two police killings, Black millennial organizers challenge a Chicago administration complicit in state violence against its Black residents. Told through the lens of Janaé and Bella, two fierce abolitionist leaders, Unapologetic is a deep look into the Movement for Black Lives, from the police murder of Rekia Boyd to the election of mayor Lori Lightfoot.


Ashley O'Shay

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Reviewed by MovieCriticOnline 1 /10

What did I just watch?

What did I just watch? I don't even know why I ever bothered to watch this, especially with such low ratings but I like documentaries and decided maybe I could learn something new. I was wrong.

It started with the black activists yelling in white people's faces inside a coffee shop while they were just trying to go about their day. Who thought that would be a good idea to win over anyone to your so-called cause?

Not only is this totally misguided but the premise is downright false.

Have any of these activists ever thought of just living their lives while pursuing whatever it is they wanna do? How is disrupting other people's lives helpful? If you think there needs to be a change, then become a police officer, attorney, judge, or run for office.

I learned nothing from this that I haven't already seen on social media and on MSNBC. I found this angry, unproductive, and a failure to actually identify their problems, especially when you begin to look at the actual facts. No, Mike Brown was not murdered. Even Obama's justice department investigated and found the hands-up don't shoot narrative to be false because it was. But if that is your fuel that charges your activism you won't accomplish anything.

There is an easy solution to the films' narrative. Organize groups and start patrolling your community for drugs, gangs, and crime and you won't need the police to come in there. They want accountability for the police, but not for themselves. Bottom line, there are a LOT of facts missing from this "documentary."

To quote Lori Lightfoot in the film: "It's easy to yell and scream and protest, what's complicated is to work toward actual solutions." Chicago has been a corrupt city for maybe 100 years.

The two leads fit pretty much the stereotypical depiction and I quote one of the leads: "black, queer feminist."

In summary, after watching this, I still don't know what they are fighting for. Lots of buzz words, like oppression, systemic racism, resistance, but they were never connected to anything tangible.

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