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Hilda and the Mountain King


Adventure / Animation / Comedy



After the events of The Stone Forest, Hilda and Baba switch species, with Baba turning into a human, and Hilda turning into a troll. Hilda goes on an adventure to find a way to bring herself back human again, with her mother, Johanna, trying to find for her in the mountains. Hilda must find a way to get herself back home as a human, and prevent the citizens of Trolberg from being invaded by trolls.


Andy Coyle


Bella Ramsey
as Hilda (voice)
Ameerah Falzon-Ojo
as Frida (voice)
Oliver Nelson
as David (voice)
Daisy Haggard
as Johanna (voice)
Rasmus Hardiker
as Alfur Aldric (voice)
John Hopkins
as Erik Ahlberg (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djurrepower 6 /10

as someone who hasn't watched the series

I stumbled upon this movie while scrolling through netflix. Didn't know it was related to a series. But it became pretty clear that I was missing some background information. Not so much so, that I couldn't follow the story. So in the end, I quite enjoyed the film. Maybe if I knew the series I would be a little more invested in the whole worldbuiling and such. But it's not hard to see that this film is made with a lot of love and hard work. All in all, it was decent. But personally I wasn't super impressed.

6/10: ye sure its good.

Reviewed by pfne 10 /10

A fantastic film that caps off the ark beautifully.

The film is a sequel to the 2 seasons of Netflix show Hilda.

The 2 seasons together are some of the absolute best programs Netflix has ever produced. They're touching, emotional, funny, fantastical and real and are absolutely required viewing for everyone.

The film continues the show and brings charm, warmth, emotion and humour in spades. The story caps of the seasons in a way that is perfect when seen as a whole.

The only flaws I can see with this film is the fact it relies on people seeing the preceding show. Other than that, the voice work, the animation, the music, the story line etc. It's all absolutely fantastic.

Reviewed by sarcasm_for_free 6 /10

Does what it sets out to

With the standard animation from the cartoon series and not exactly an epic feel until the very end, this feels more like an extended episode of the show than a big major event movie.

That's alright though, because there's nothing wrong with the TV series and any attempt to swerve from the main plot would probably just alienate regular viewers whilst unlikely to attract new ones.

In other words: watch everything up to the point of the end of S2, or you'll be as lost as a transformed Hilda is in the troll underground.

As for the quality of the product under review, it's pretty much as you'd expect. All the regulars are here, though most of the focus is on Hilda and her mother as they cope with their new life situations and attempt to find each other.

There's a few noticeable lags in the story (and an annoying whiny new baby character to tolerate), but for the most part it'll keep you interested until the emotional conclusion, which to be honest could've functioned as a series finale. Apparently they're making some more though, so don't fret.

I must say though, that kidnapping and forcibly adopting a child are quite harsh actions, yet no-one seems to mind by the end. If you ask me, Hilda's new troll 'mama' is lucky not to get herself arrested. Providing they can find a cell big enough to hold her, that is... 6/10.

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