Jagdish (Vijay), an army captain, is back in Mumbai for a holiday to be with his parents and two sisters. They want him to get married and finds a bride Nisha (Kajal Aggarwal) for him. After the usual bickerings the couple fall in love. Meanwhile Jagadish an intelligence officer in the military, has a mission to crack down on terrorist sleeper cells in Mumbai. How Jagadish moving around as an ordinary person using his brain and brawn in the correct measure, tracks down the terrorist in his own unique way forms the rest of this escapist entertainer. —Surya Prakash


A.R. Murugadoss


as Jagadish
Vidyut Jamwal
as Sleeper Cell's Leader
as V. Ravichandran
Zakir Hussain
as Kameeruddin
Deepthi Nambiar
as Sanjana, Jagadish's younger sister

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nairtejas 2 /10

Pathetic and in no way a tribute to the Indian Army!

You call this a an action thriller? Please!

An army-man coming to Mumbai doing his own job with no intervention from ATS and doing whatever he wants to. Creators, get some brain, will ya?

Yeah, the hero here has good repertoire in his credit, but no one's watching this crap with your fame. No plot, no story, this is piece of utter baloney.

The actress proves to be a buffoon here with no respect given to the whole of female fraternity. The writer should be sued by female activists.

Idiotic sequences, not-so-funny dialogs, I wish I could walk out of the theater halfway!

Guys, this movie is not at all recommended just like Jab Tak hai Jaan!

Instead go watch some Hollywood flicks which have something new to offer!

Vijay & Murugadoss, go and start from scratch!

Reviewed by silvan-desouza 6 /10

Well Made

Im not a big fan of tamil/telugu films but many films are good. Thupakki made by AR Murugadoss is a good thriller. The film starts off quite well with typical romance and all but ever since the twist is out, it becomes captivating As the film is set in Mumbai Hindi is used more which make it natural though Vijay's Hindi isn't that good yet it gives the film authenticity. The film has good action scenes and good thrills There is the obligatory love story and songs too but thankfully not too irritating.

Direction is good Music is as usual

Vijay does well in his role, Kaajal Agarwal is decent too Vidyut Jamwal who did villain roles in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu films before debuting as a lead in Commando is good in his role Zakir Hussian is as usual rest are okay

Reviewed by santhosh-10290 1 /10


The movie was not so good. Acting also not so good in the movie. The story and scenes in the movie itself not acceptable. Songs were not good but BGM and Theme were amazing. 1st half in the movie was somewhat good. Boring movie.

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