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The year is 1996 and Soichiro Takakura is a scientist solving the problems around the development of robots. He is making progress. He is spending time with his girl and pet and enjoying a day off, but the calm shatters soon enough when he is betrayed by the said girl and his business partner. He takes advantage of cryogenics. —aghaemi


Takahiro Miki


Kento Yamazaki
as Soichiro Takakura
Kaya Kiyohara
as Matsushita Riko
Naohito Fujiki
as [Humanoid robot]
Natsuna Watanabe
as Shirashi Rin
Hidekazu Mashima
as Matsushita Kazuhito
Taizo Harada
as Sato Taro

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ghatbkk 8 /10

Excellent adaption

It is unusual for Science-fiction stories to be well-adapted by the film industry. Robert A. Heinlein now has two good adaptions - Predestination and The Door Into Summer.

Well done.

Reviewed by T-xoo 2 /10

Just skip

Don't even try to watch unless you like the actor and the main actress pretty faces.

A back in time movie where the story is interesting but rushed into a film that is uninteresting. The film is just one of the stupidest back in time movie you'll ever watch.

This should have been a Netflix series to work properly the story. Instead, this is just a super long movie full of holes and nonsenses.

Here some points:

  • going back in the past to save Riko is a noble cause, nothing wrong here. But the fact that when Soichiro and Pete were in the past and met Sato, the dude just believed everything that was said to him. I guess the fact that they made the hero K. O. here allows to skip some scenes and how Pete got Sato to agree.

  • the professor Toi accepted the funds for his research for whatever reason. I guess some people will just accept money and don't question anything. Furthermore in the future, it is revealed that he himself funded his research. And that part was not mentioned to him from the past. So how is he supposed to know? While when Soichiro meets him, he said he's funding Toi's research...

  • going into cold sleep a 2nd time doesn't make sense. Soichiro from the past is supposed to go into cold sleep. So Soichiro from the future didn't need to go cold sleep again. He could have lived the 30 years peacefully as someone else (to avoid his ex) in the past with Riko, like captain America (one is asleep and one is living his life). But no, he decides to go back to sleep. No one at the clinic question why there are 2 soichiro in the records?. Also wasn't his dream to be an inventor? I guess not...

This goes on and on. The movie is just disappointing. Skip...

Reviewed by JBest57604 2 /10


If you've been waiting for a truly decent adaptation of a classic Heinlein novel, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Netflix's newly-released take on "The Door Into Summer" is another sad botch job, taking what was a thoughtful and interesting (though incestuous) novel and turning it into a goofy romantic/comedic/high-schoolish mess.

A few problems with this film:

1) Actors who look to actually be in high school and whose talent shows it.

2) Changes to the plot (probably to keep the production costs to a minimum) that end up ruining the story. Rather than being set in 1970 and 2000, it's set in 1995 and 2025. The problem here is that the protagonist is a roboticist who's created household robots that don't yet exist and is put into commercial cryosleep, a process that also doesn't exist. These plot devices worked for a novel written in 1957, where 1970 and 2000 were both in the future, but not a movie made in 2021. I suspect this was all done, again, to keep costs down, but it makes the story nonsensical.

3) The addition of the character Android Pete. Done, I would guess, because the original novel is largely a one-person show, but the addition of Pete changes the protagonist from a solitary, independent thinker/actor into a wide-eyed goofy doofus. They also blew most of the special effects budget on Pete's 'open the chest and see the cool glowing battery' scene.

4) The dialogue straight out of anime. At times it literally caused me pain.

5) The rest you can find for yourself. You'll probably be hitting the forward 10 seconds button quite a bit because the movie is leaden-paced.

Someday, someone may create a film adaptation of Heinlein that's worth watching. He certainly wrote enough novels that would make excellent movies. Any of his juveniles, for instance. Or a version of "Starship Troopers" that actually follows the novel and doesn't turn it into a ridiculous farce. Probably not "Stranger in a Strange Land", for obvious reasons. Maybe there's a parallel universe where "Tunnel in the Sky" or "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" exist as film classics. I like to think so, because Heinlen's works deserve better than they've seen in this universe.

At least they didn't make this one into a series...

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