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In Your Name


Action / Drama / Romance



A woman comes from a Hindu high caste family. Her name is Nirjala. Her family want her to get married to a Hindu upper caste man. She agrees to do so. But before the wedding, she meets with a poor Indian. This man belongs to a very low caste. This man also has a very hot temper and gets into fights all the time. But both fall in love with each other. Nirjala's family refuse to permit her to get married to him. They force her to get married to the man of their choice. In the meantime, Radhe gets into fight, and someone hits him very hard on his head. Radhe loses his senses and falls down. When he wakes him, he finds himself a mental patient. The hospital finds him very violent and they chain. He is unable to remember his past. Then Nirjala re-enters his life. Will this cure Radhe or make him even worse? —Calista


Satish Kaushik


Salman Khan
as Radhe Mohan
Bhumika Chawla
as Nirjara Bharadwaj
Mahima Chaudhry
as Special Appearance (Song)
Sachin Khedekar
as Radhe's brother
Savita Prabhune
as Radhe's sister-in-law
Ravi Kishan
as Rameshwar

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvan-desouza 7 /10

One of Salman's good movies

Satish Kaushik has made a career remaking south films, TERE NAAM was a remake of SETHU(1999). The film was a comeback for Sallu whose career was going through bad phase and also he had a hit and run case against him in 2002 TERE NAAM was speculated as being based on Sallu and Aish real story but that is doubtful. In any ways,the film starts well, Salman's scenes with his brother and sister in law, scenes among his friends are well handled, even the love story is well handled, the twist at the interval is well handled, the only bothersome in the first half is the pace at times and too many songs the second half starts well with the outburst of Salman and the turn of events are well handled but post Salman goes to the Ashram things slow down, however the breakdown of Aslam is brilliant, the climax too is very good

Direction by Satish Kaushik is decent Music by Himesh Reshammiya is good, the title song is very good, Odhni, Tumse Milna and all songs are good, Sajid-Wajid's Lagan Lagi is decent

Salman Khan plays his part of the rogue well, he does a brilliant job in emotional scenes often considered his weak points, though not on par with Vikram in Sethu yet a great performance. Salman had gone bald those days(for his personal reason) and has 2 looks in the film. Bhumika Chawla debuted in this film, resembles Bhagyashree but does a good job Sarfaraz Khan is terrific, The other friends are good too mostly seen from Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai(remember the guy playing Hrithik) Sachin Khedekar, Savita Prabhune,Ravi Kissan and others are good too

Reviewed by AvinashPatalay N/A

Salman steals the show.

Happened to watch this movie when it was aired on TV.

Normally I pass off Salman as a spoilt-brat of Bollywood with no talent what-so-ever except for penchant for showing off his well-tones muscles. But Tere Naam proves otherwise, and hey guys - this dude can really act.

Salman get into the skin of the character as rebellious aimless youth who frequently gets involved in dog-fights. He meets Bhumika Chawla and immediately falls for her demure innocent nature. The rest of the movie is tale of their love and what future had in store for them.

The story is pretty good and manages to captivate the interest of the audience. A few coincidences and mishaps shown could have been done away with.

Friendship between Salman and his friends is quite natural and remind you of your bunch of friends during college/ hostel days.

Salman has done commendable job in emotional scenes which make you wonder if he was really acting or being one-self. Sachin Khedekar delivers a good performance. Bhumika Chawla suits the role to the "T" playing the girl next door hailing from higher caste.

The beliefs, life-style, the dogma and the hypocrisy of the higher caste is portrayed with substantial element of reality.

Songs are quite hummable.

The hype of being a true story of Salman-Aishwarya was just a publicity gimmick, otherwise the movie is a remake of Tamil film Sethu.

A commercial movie with tones of parallel cinema.

Reviewed by cseabhi 7 /10

Tere naam is Salman's movie!

Watched it after a really long time and was suprised this movie still looks good. I remember watching this in theatre and was having no expectations from the movie. But the movie turned out to be a good one.

First half is entertaining with all the rowdy look of Salman Khan and his friends, but it's the second half where we see a rare salman khan's talent. It's completely his film and he proves himself in the movie with amazing performance.

Bhumika Chawla was decent but was completely overshadowed by Salman.

Music was top notch with almost all the songs touching your heart.

All in all a very good feature film.

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