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Who is Amos Otis?





After assassinating the President, Amos Otis pleads self-defense and must convince the jury that America was not only under attack by its unhinged ruler - but that his actions saved the country and the world. The assassin's provocative testimony puts our country on trial and challenges the jury to side with a murderer out to save them. No one can tell if he's a mad man, a con man or savior of the world. Not even his attorney. This searing, mind-bending political thriller is in the spirit of the Twilight Zone and based on a Pulitzer Prize-nominated play. As one reviewer noted, "If you are wondering how fiction could read like our current reality, this is the story for you." —GN


Greg Newberry


Josh Katawick
as Amos Otis
Rico Reid
as Jason Johnson
Michael G. Bath
as Art Bradley
A.J. Ford
as Agent Tucker
Christine Brunner
as Charlotte Walker
Peggy S. Allen
as Amelia Woodburn

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by apollo60 N/A

Illiberal hate fest

Thinly veiled crap about assassinating President Trump. If this bilge was about killing Biden or Obama the bottom feeding msm media would be in hysterics. I can't believe that money and time for crap like this is being spent.

The writer, Director and actors should be ashamed of this movie. To give it some legitimacy, the reviews state that the films author/director won a Pulitzer Prize. As if that award has any credibility or value. It's become so politized as to have no meaning whatsoever. Obama case in point.

Taken today's "president", all those references to a Dictator-like actions, that led to the President's assassination, clearly describes the behavior of the mentally deficient person currently occupying the WH.

Is that the future of Presidents, to be assassinated by anyone who disagrees with their policies?

Don't waste your time and brain cells seeing this train wreck.

Reviewed by 32StevieG32 1 /10

TDS much?

It must have really have grated on the script writers that they could not include Trumps name in this vitriolic piece of garbage. Salty leftist tears run deep through this 'movie'.

Reviewed by housedoctorsinc-34961 10 /10

A Must see

This is one of those rare films that absolutely everyone should see. Gripping interesting and concise it paints a vivid picture of where we could be in the future. Just watch it.

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