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Franck and Simon are both good cops. They work as partners. But their lives take a tailspin when Simon, driving drunk, causes a tragic car wreck. A few years later, out of the police, he is forced to take matters into his own hands when his family is in danger. —Jiilo_Kim


Fred Cavayé

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 10 /10

Top-notch French thriller with a director at the top of his game

French director Fred Cavaye completes a hat-trick of exciting, exhausting thrillers with MEA CULPA, a film which pairs up the two heroes of his earlier films: namely Vincent Lindon from ANYTHING FOR HER and Giles Lellouche from POINT BLANK. These two larger-than-life characters are on the same side, battling a gang of murderous heroin smugglers in the south of France.

Cavaye has clearly learnt plenty from his classic POINT BLANK as MEA CULPA is a film in the same mould. There's barely a slow or extraneous moment here, just constant thrills and excitement as the plot twists and turns along and frenetic action sequences regularly punctuate the narrative with machine-gun precision. The cinematography is top notch and could quite easily show more than a few Hollywood directors how to shoot action that feels exciting, realistic, and fresh.

Lindon in particular gives an excellent performance with Lellouche happy to stand back and support him, and the supporting cast is well chosen too. There are moments of sentiment here, included in order for the characters and viewer to have something to care about, but the emphasis is on the action as it should be. Nightclubs, warehouses, and trains all provide perfect backdrops for the fast-paced and visceral thrills and what a thrilling movie MEA CULPA is.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 /10

Drunk driving

An accident can mess up your life completely. Especially if you're not in control ... Some might call it tough luck, others unfortunate circumstances, but whatever the case our main lead had a rough ride up until now and it doesn't seem to get better for him (or his family, whether they are close to him or not doesn't matter, because he does care for them).

The acting is more than solid and the story is really nicely and expertly told. There might be things that you can tell happening and you might see twists even before they are revealed fully, but that doesn't take anything away from the movie. It just shows you've seen a lot of movies, which isn't a bad thing either. A lot french thrillers seem to be worth your while, definitely this one

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 /10

Mea Culpa (My Fault)

I probably wasn't originally going to watch this French movie, but the plot sounded mildly interesting, and I do like to try new foreign language films every so often. Basically Franck (Gilles Lellouche) and Simon (Vincent Lindon) work as colleagues together in the police, but their lives have taken a tailspin. Following an accident years ago, where Simon was driving a car whilst drunk, they crashed, and it caused the deaths of three people in the collision. Since then, Simon has lost his job and become estranged from his family, and Franck has a guilty conscience. A series of murders have taken place in Toulon, Simon's son witnesses one of these murders, the ruthless killers are hunting for him, and the whole family is in danger. Slowly Simon and Franck come back together to investigate the crimes, catch the killers and save Simon's family. They detect a killer who works for a Serbian mafia gang, the criminals will stop at nothing to follow through on their mission, but neither will the two police men. It all comes to confrontation on a train, where the officers and the criminals come face to face, of course good defeats evil, but also, the truth about the drunken car accident is revealed. In fact, both men had been drinking, but it was Franck that was driving the car, he assumed that Simon was already dead in the accident, he switched his body into the driver's seat to save his own skin, when he realised he was alive, therefore he felt guilty, for breaking his family up, but everything is sorted in the end. Also starring Nadine Labaki as Alice, Gilles Cohen as Pastor, Max Baissette de Malglaive as Théo, Medi Sadoun as Jacquet, Velibor Topic as Milan, Cyril Lecomte as Jean-Marc, Gilles Bellomi as Andrei and Sacha Petronijevic as Pietr. It is pretty simple story, a disgraced cop trying to prove himself and get his family back after gangsters come after them, there are some eye-catching action, chase and shoot-up sequences to keep up the pace, but it is fairly predictable, the twist ending is relatively alright, overall it is an average crime thriller. Worth watching!

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