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Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi



On the day of a public conference by the state's Chief Minister, his bodyguard and a police officer are stuck in a time loop.


Venkat Prabhu


as Abdul Khaaliq
S. J. Surya
as Dhanushkodi
Kalyani Priyadarshan
as Seethalakshmi
Anjena Kirti
as Zarina Begum
S. A. Chandrasekhar
as CM Arivazhagan
Vagai Chandrasekar
as Tamizhvaanan

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Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 7 /10

Perhaps, the smartest Time-Loop Film Ever Written with a Mind-Blowing Crossover working as the USP Factor.

Maanaadu (2021) : Brief Review -

Perhaps, the smartest Time-Loop Film Ever Written with a Mind-Blowing Crossover working as the USP Factor. Venkat Prabhu has written a time loop thriller that can be compared to other films of the same genre on Global level. Right from 'Groundhog Day' to 'Edge Of Tomorrow' to visually splendid 'Doctor Strange' to Villeneuve's 'Arrival' to Christopher Nolan's groundbreaking 'Tenet', this film surpasses the level of thrill and multilayer narratives with its unique idea. The best thing one has to notice about the film is, as they even quoted it - 'No Film ever elaborated why Time-loop happened to the protagonist'. And this film has an answer to it. Even if it's a mythological one, it is still an answer to get away with it. And guess what? It's not just the protagonist who is trapped in the time loop, but also the antagonist and with a reason (quite fascinating and fictional though, but a reason alright). Maanaadu has this Mind-blowing Crossover as the USP factor, which we haven't really seen in many films and on such smart level. The second half takes you on a crazy ride of continuous events, new questions and new answers. There is nothing wrong with the writing of the film but the execution isn't that great. It has those typical low grade cliches as other Tamil Films, however, that may not even bother you if you are okay with it. Nevertheless, the idea is wonderful, simply groundbreaking. The performances are decent and the Prabhu's direction is Mass friendly. He gives you all the massy moments like Hero's stylish entry, cool pauses, action, twists and the face off between the good and the bad. The film even goes on to touch Islamophobia, Hinduphobia, the demolition of the Babri Masjid, and how Tamil Nadu alienates Muslims. But there is a honest message of unity- well, that's too mainstream, no. Overall, an uncanny attempt but well judged and deserves to be Watched.

RATING - 7/10*

By - #samthebestest.

Reviewed by arungeorge13 7 /10

Smart, engaging time-loop thriller that mostly works! [+71%]

Maanaadu is a solid return to form for both Venkat Prabhu and Silambarasan. A socio-political thriller that uses the time-loop concept (seen in films like Groundhog Day, Happy Death Day, and more) to tell an engaging story, Maanaadu gets its act together after the unsurprising initial 20-25 minutes. Just when you think the film descends into apparent mediocrity, SJ Suryah appears, and there's no looking back afterward. VP's script immediately kicks into high gear, with no stoppage whatsoever. Of course, he masalafies the script just about enough to familiarize viewers with the high-concept and its story-telling treatment. Politically too, this is about as best a VP film that you can expect. However, at the core, it's a fun showdown between two ordinary men stuck in a time loop. I didn't think Simbu vs. SJ Suryah would be as fun to watch for over 2 hours, especially in repetitive situations, but VP milks the concept a lot better than expected.

There are bits of clever writing layered throughout the screenplay. Through the lead character Abdul Khaliq, VP namedrops several time-loop films to tell audiences that the time-loop concept isn't new. When Simbu got a typical hero's introduction (with an airplane waiting for his boarding), I let out a shrug - God, not one of those invincible heroes yet again! But VP quickly changes that around. Khaliq is a vulnerable commoner, trying to do something extra-ordinary so that he can avert blame falling on an entire community.

A slickly staged fight sequence - akin to save points in a video game - is a thing of beauty. The editing by Praveen KL is top-notch; the narrative never takes its viewers for granted. Yuvan's background score makes the cat-and-mouse antics between Dhanushkodi (SJ Suryah) and Khaliq even more riveting. Some self-referencing (and fat-shaming) jokes aside, the humor in Maanadu is organic. While I wouldn't call it one of the greatest time-loop movies, there's plenty to like here.

Reviewed by santhosh-10290 7 /10


Good Movie. Everybody acted well in the movie. Songs and BGM I'm the movie were excellent. The movie was not so interesting and thrilling at 1st half because some scenes were lagging. The movie was so interesting and thrilling at 2nd half. Good Movie.

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