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The Gardener


Action / Drama



An immigrant living a quiet life as a gardener at a manor house in England has to rely on old skills to save the family he works for from home invaders.


Scott Jeffrey

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Reviewed by silicontourist N/A

Extremely Low Budget Piece Of Total RUBBISH!

I am having a really bad night with films; having just finished watching my 3rd absolutely load of rubbish film in a row...this one, 'RELENTLESS (2021) and a swedish film called, 'RED DOT' (2021).

The acting in 'The Gardener' was stiff (due to an awful script) and the fight choreography rates as some of the worst I have ever seen...and I have seen a lot! Charles Bronzi (the headliner star) - the Charles Bronson lookalike - is making films akin to Charles Bronsons, "DEATH WISH" series of films from director Michael Winner. The difference is he doesn't have that same on screen presence that Bronson had and the films are badly scripted/directed rubbish etc! Gary Daniels is the other star and as per usual, with his screen appearances, he was dull and unimpressive. He is a well known Martial Artist and has made films of that ilk for many years now. I have no idea what he is really like as a fighter - as I have never seen him fight in real life - but he is an extremely boring fighter in his films; with no originality or decent onscreen style whatsoever.

The result of both parties being in this film is therefore a guaranteed tedious load of dross!

If you have nothing to do go and find something else to do...but don't watch this if you are needing some good cinematic entertainment!

Reviewed by jcriche 2 /10

I'm sorry for the actors involved but...

This move is total B/S the acting is awful and wooden and when the bad guys try to lock pick on the house which clearly if you have half a brain is an old style turn key lock, with lockpicks for a modern Yale type lock picks all credulity was lost.

After 53 minutes of the 1 hour 30 odd movie I switched it off, couldn't watch any more of this nonsense, odd to see Charles Bronson still working though... ;-))

Reviewed by On_The_Mark 2 /10

Dreadfully awful

I never heard of Robert Bronzi but when you watch this movie, you understand why this guy gets to make movies. He looks like Charles Bronson. That's it. He has zero acting or fighting skills. He seems like a nice man and if you read about him, he is. But this guy has no business making movies.

This movie was just awful. It's a 90 minute movie and it just drags for the first 50 minutes. Nothing happens, and then when it does, it's still poorly done. The fight scenes are pathetic. The only person in the movie who appears to have real skills is the main bad guy but what "choreography" on the fights scenes that there is was done so poorly, it's like watching little kids pretend fights. They're "fighting" slowly and you see the actors waiting for the next "punch" and reacting. It's pathetic.

And Bronzi, despite what his press release might say, he NO fighting skills of any kind. It's embarrassing that were supposed to believe this is some tough guy. Looking like Charles Bronson doesn't mean you are Bronson and changing your last name so it's similar to "Bronson" doesn't make you Charles Bronson.

His "fight scenes" are just terrible.

Looking at posters of other Bronzi movies, it looks like they're using a picture of the actual Bronson in the poster. I think a lot of the time they're hoping people think it is Charles Bronson and once you've paid for the movie you're caught and can't get out.

Hopefully no one falls for this. If I looked like Stallone but has zero acting skills and someone wanted to put me in movies, I'd politely decline because I HAVE NO ACTING SKILLS.

I suspect this guy will make a few more movies but he's older and when they realize no one is paying for this, he'll stop. Hopefully sooner than later.

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