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The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord


Drama / Horror / Thriller



For their first romantic get-away as a couple, Gabby and Michael take a trip to a remote, upscale cabin in the mountains. The first night takes a terrifying turn when Michael slips into an alternate persona that claims to be God, speaking through Michael's body. He delivers the message that Gabby will die before the end of the trip and is destined for Hell--unless she will believe what Michael says is true, repent, and worship him. Is Michael a manipulative psychopath, intent on gas-lighting her? Is he mentally ill? Or could the impossible really be happening-a direct experience with her creator, offering one last life-line out of an unthinkable eternity?


Jared Jay Mason


Swayde McCoy
as Michael / The Lord

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 5 /10

Atypical genre, atypical movie, almost Experimental Theatre

Howdy. For the record, since the majority of reviews here are from members who have only ever done ONE review and then astonishingly decided this specific film is a "10." I am an IMDb Top Reviewer with 1700+ reviews, and not shilling for anyone. That said, to understand this film, take a look at THE MAN FROM EARTH 2007, also a low-budget indie with a very tiny cast, also a film which is 99% conversation --- which in a pinch could even pass for a stage play. THAT odd film (which is on my IMDb LIST of 150+ great films) is a delight, and became an instant cult classic. This is the same kind of film, a film intended to get under your skin simply by the brilliance of the writing alone. In its way-too-long 2 hour runtime, it succeeds only occasionally which, in this competitive and time sensitive world, just won't cut it. "A" for effort. But the end result is simply not tight enough.

Reviewed by billcr12 7 /10

Faith Play on film

I have seen the comparison to The Man from Earth and it is a fair one. That was a better film but I still was drawn in by this one. It is a two character play type of movie set at a secluded house in the woods. Michael and Gabrielle(I get it), are a young couple on a getaway when Mike suddenly declares himself to be God and lectures Gabrielle on faith. Is he the Lord or a lunatic? My own doubting Catholic background made me ponder the questions raised by the script. I did not predict the ending and although a bit too long, I can recommend this film.

Reviewed by aldiboronti 2 /10

The Great and Te rrible Day of the Bored

Not great but certainly terrible so the title was half right. This film is drivel. The actors do their best to put it across but the inanities of the script defeat them at every turn. To stretch this thin material out to over 2 hours is an offense against all cinematic decency. I award the film 2 stars in sympathy for the actors and for the one good shot in the whole movie. At the end when both characters are gazing at the horizon raptly at the last moment we see the woman cast a sidelong glance at the guy which definitely spells 'the sooner I get away from this lunatic the better.'

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