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Last Looks


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller



Once LAPD's top detective, Charlie Waldo has dropped out of society. He is living in a tiny hilltop cabin above the city and obsessively possesses only 100 things. He also minimizes his carbon footprint. He rides a bicycle and in three years has grown a large, scruffy beard. Next his former lover and Private Investigator Lorena shows up to ask for his help on a murder investigation, high-profile murder. TV Actor Alastair Pinch stands accused of murdering his wife, Monica, and as drunk. He can't remember anything. —Frank Liesenborgs


Tim Kirkby


Charlie Hunnam
as Charlie Waldo
Mel Gibson
as Alastair Pinch
Clancy Brown
as Big Jim Cuddy
Rupert Friend
as Wilson Sikorsky
Lucy Fry
as Jayne White
Dominic Monaghan
as Warren Gomes

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 /10

mr hunnan...

Does a relly good job acting out as a private eye for an eccentric actor done by not so impressive mel gibson, whos wife has been killed, lets call ths an intro...that is far shorter than the one in the film.

Actually to be a film thats very fixed on that its based on a novel and the novelist himself has laid his hand on the screenplay, makes filmaking alittle bit harder to make, and the to make the squemished bookreader satisfied.

Do take my 6 stars seriously because the draft of the other stars of excellence is purely done by a less than perfect technical production. I do have tinnitus and have to concentrate very hard to catch the vocals and mimicks when viewing a film, and when the background music strangles the dialouge including ambient noise when cardriving and other natural sound in outdoor takes, the i'm down for the count. The choice of score though are good as well as the filmographic techniques chosen, lots of shadow work and vivid use of natural light makes it interesting viewing.i do also consider the roller coaster ride of on/off parkinsonistic plotpace a little bit withering for the story, and the actual playtime are maybe 15 mins too long.

But as a'' rigidly famous actor for hire at half price'' just to pay out my maid, the efforts of superactor mr. Gibson reflects that, he delivers at slightly above average and thats it.

But hunnan, not the chinese hunan, does carry a lot of weight on his shoulders to make this film a peerworthy experience, a should see film filed in the grumpy old mans silverlining playbook, or demented memorabiliae, sitting at the edge of his latter days with otis reading,'' watching the tide roll away''...

Reviewed by mrpicky 6 /10

I actually enjoyed it

Yes its simple and filled with cliché's but still very enjoyable. Could be better? Of course. Could be much worse? Hell yeah. So I'll take what i can here.

Reviewed by Movie_Reviews 4 /10

No no no

Sorry Mel .. I love you but.. I have to do this.

This is complete rubbish from beginning to end. Idiotic and super silly characters and an idiotic plot. Oh, did I mention the dialog? That is of course completely idiotic as well.

Absolutely nothing redeeming here. Mels British accent was surprisingly good, though. But this is not what we want to see Mel in. Please do another one where you are lethal and out of your mind. That is what suits you the best. Or just direct another Apocalypto.

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