The Girl in the Yellow Jumper (2020) torrent download

The Girl in the Yellow Jumper





A man reappears after being kidnapped, but you'd never believe his story.

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Reviewed by rdoanderson 8 /10

Excellent film

It's basically people chatting in a car with a couple of ancillary scenes.

But it's very well acted and brilliantly shot.

Constantly engaging from start to finish with a nice interchange in narrative speed at times.

Reviewed by bmandela 10 /10

Big Up Uganda!

I honestly really loved this film. You could never really know what's going to happen next. Its unpredictability was superb. The acting was spot-on, world-class editing and a nice story. I'm really glad it got to the international platform at netflix!

Reviewed by maxi215 9 /10


This film blew me away. A bit of Tarantino, a bit of Rashomon, in an African setting. Excellent script and acting. Directing, editing - all solid. A must watch for 2021.

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