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Prey of the Jaguar


Action / Thriller



When his wife and son are brutally murdered by a fugitive drug lord that he helped put behind bars, former Special Ops agent Derek Leigh vows to avenge their deaths. After mastering lethal fighting skills at the hands of a martial arts instructor, he assumes the identity of The Jaguar - a vigilante superhero from his son's drawings - and with nothing more to lose, sets out on a fierce, one-man blood hunt to bring the criminals to final justice. —Echo Bridge Home Entertainment


David DeCoteau


Maxwell Caulfield
as Derek Leigh
Stacy Keach
as The Commander
Trevor Goddard
as Damien Bandera
Paul Regina
as Randall Bentley
Linda Blair
as Cody Johnson
Paul Bartel
as Toymaker

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 /10

Hardly great, but mildly amusing

I'll admit from the outset that PREY OF THE JAGUAR isn't a great movie; as a straight-to-video superhero flick from David DeCoteau, it was never going to be. However, I'll also admit that I enjoyed it to an extent, although I was chuckling at it rather than taking it all seriously. The story sees GREASE 2's Maxwell Caulfield playing an ordinary family guy whose nemesis busts out of jail and has his pregnant wife and son murdered. Caulfield, through various silly reasons, then dresses up as a crime-fighting superhero and goes after them. This cheap and cheesy movie contains martial arts, lots of explosions and cheesy fight scenes, as well as ham acting from the entire cast. Stacy Keach has a gruff cameo and Linda Blair plays the token cop, while Trevor Goddard is the hard British villain. There's a random Paul Bartel cameo and a fun scene in which John Fujioka lets rip with the nunchucks at one point. Hardly great, but by DeCoteau standards it is.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 /10

A very enjoyable superhero vigilante flick

Ex Special Ops government agent Derek Leigh (an excellent performance by Maxwell Caulfield) vows revenge on evil drug lord Damian Bandera (a splendidly nasty Trevor Goddard) after Bandera murders his wife and son. Leigh assumes the identity of the Jaguar, a just and heroic crime fighting superhero who's patterned after drawings by his son. Directed with surprising style and panache by veteran straight-to-video exploitation picture expert David DeCoteau, with slick, kinetic cinematography by Howard Wexler, a constant steady pace, a funky, rousing, syncopated score by Jeff Walton, a cool animated opening credits sequence, and plenty of rousing rough'n'tumble action set pieces, this flick certainly delivers the immensely entertaining B-movie goods in a pleasingly snappy and straightforward manner. Caulfield makes for a strong and likable protagonist; he receives fine support from Linda Blair as perky, sympathetic detective Cody Johnson, Tom Badal as Cody's ramrod partner Roger Reed, Paul Bartel as helpful weapons master Toymaker, John Fujioka as tough martial arts instructor Tanaka, Stacy Keach as Derek's gruff former superior the Commander, Paul Regina as uncooperative government agent Randall Bentley, Vincent Klyn as scumbag dope pusher Sonny De Pazos, and Fiona Hutchison as Derek's loving wife Karen. A fun little romp.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 /10

Grisly killings and revenge by one army man named the Jaguar

The picture focuses to Derek(Maxwell Caufield) is a former government Ops agent named SOC living with his family.When the starring's wife(Fiona Hutchinson) and son are cruelly killed , Derek plots revenge only to find the fugitive killer(Trevor Goddard)and hoodlums(Vincent Klyn) are well hidden and he must exact his own form of justice. Later training by a martial arts instructor(John Fujioka), he assumes the identity of The Jaguar, taken from his son's drawings .He's a new hero in town , an avenger who woos to revenge against the murderer who previously put behind bars. He asks another undercover agent as toymaker(Paul Bartel) weapons , delivering him crossbow and explosive arms.

This is a low budget movie with action packed, suspense, grisly violence, noisy shooting and spectacular fighting . The best film is the training on lethal struggle skills at the hands of a martial arts master with certain similarly to ¨Karate Kid¨ style.The motion picture displays a plethora of known faces and famed secondary actors, Stacy Keach(Long riders), Linda Blair(immortal in the Exorcist), Paul Bartel (famous cult director), Vincent Klyn( usual baddie in Albert Pyun films:Cyborg), Trevor Goddard (Jag) and the protagonist, Maxwell Caufield(Dragon storm, Submerged). The motion picture is professionally directed by David DeCocteau, a B series director ,he has gone on to produce(Trancers) and direct more than sixty movies over the past twenty years, such as : Doctor Alien, Puppet master,Skeletons(his best movie) Brotherhood series, among others. This one is entertaining though with very short budget

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