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Colette runs a coffee shop that is known for her secret and famous hot chocolate. Marcus, a new dessert shop owner, starts to draw in Colette's customers, she is determined to expose him.


Brian Brough

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 /10

War then peace

Until 30 minutes of the movie is past, Collete is picking a fight with her new neighbor Marcus because she thinks he stole her Grandma's hot chocolate recipe. Then like so many of these movies, her animosity just goes away and for the rest of the movie she is bending over backwards for him in several ways. It's true that at about the halfway point something unexpected happens which would explain some of her change in attitude if she hadn't already started softening. Actually, one unexpected thing and then soon after a twist which some viewers might have seen coming.

It looks like one of the most common sources of conflict in these movies is about to happen, but it doesn't, so after the initial animosity, there is almost no tension between the leads. The chemistry is so-so. As a result of all this, the last part of the movie is flat, both the story and the romance.

Realism is not expected in Christmas rom/coms so I won't even go into the myriads of ridiculous things that happen but just a hint on some - health codes.

Reviewed by tomsview 6 /10

Slow boiling point

"Hot Chocolate Holiday" is a Christmas movie with a difference - nothing much happens.

It could be the blandest entry in the Christmas movie canon ever. However it is saved from total ennui by an unusually arresting star.

Colette (Aubrey Reynolds) owns a café in a picturesque, snow-dusted town up north (cafes and cake shops are a staple of Christmas movies). Colette has a secret recipe for hot chocolate handed down from her grandmother. This stuff is so addictive you wonder how it could be legal. A big food manufacturer wants Colette to develop it to become a mass supermarket line and she's trying to recreate it in powdered form.

About then, good-looking Marcus (Jonny Swenson) opens a shop right next door selling desserts. He starts doing boom business, but also sells hot chocolate that tastes exactly like Colette's.

Most Christmas movies need a point of conflict to move the drama along. Competing hot chocolate shops was that opportunity. In my suburb, two shops in competition invariably leads to one of them burning down, usually with CCTV footage capturing an amateur arsonist running from the scene with a leg on fire.

Although "Hot Chocolate Holiday" does deliver a fire in Marcus' shop, it's just an accident. Collette even lets Marcus sell his desserts from her shop. The movie is at pains to avoid conflict. The whole thing is a series of very polite conversations between nice, inoffensive people; it's bizarre.

The redeeming feature of "Hot Chocolate Holiday" is actually Aubrey Reynolds who draws the eye whenever she is in a scene. She has that indefinable stillness that the camera loves, but not all actors possess. I've only seen her in one other film, "Frenzy" (2018), a fairly crazy, adrift at sea movie where she was surrounded by sharks; about as far from "Hot Chocolate Holiday" as you could get.

Christmas movies are a detox from all the mayhem, body counts and hyper-activity rampant on the rest of television. With that said however, a graph of the drama in "Hot Chocolate Holiday" would pretty much be a flat line all the way.

Reviewed by Sergiodave 3 /10

Not original, but that's not the problem.

There are very few really original ideas that come from the Romance TV movie genre and that's fine, don't feed us the same plot every movie and we're okay; but chemistry is quite important in romance, and the ability to act would help.

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