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The Flood





An in-depth look at the animals living in the heart of Africa's Okavango Delta.


Brad Bestelink


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Reviewed by smartinezmd 2 /10

Narration is absolutely abysmal.

No. Angela Bassett is not 'a black queen.' She's an absolutely atrocious narrator and should stay clear away from this job as an altruistic endeavor - i.e., that she should ruin another, otherwise, decent production with her extremely affected breathy obnoxious voice. What she adds to the story is trite at best and annoying, most always. I really like her as an actress. Honestly. But, she is an absolutely horrific of the worst that I've ever heard in my entire six-decade life....and if you're reading this review, Angela Bassett, STAY AWAY from narrating. Please.

Reviewed by diegoruizglz 5 /10

Boring and monotonous narration. A Pity.

Great camerawork but the narration is just awful. The script has no sense at times, the narrator's voice is monotonous and boring. Such a pity.

Reviewed by ioanna23 2 /10

Great visuals and cinematography, worst possible narration!

The visuals and cinematographic efforts in this are terrific, including some angles that I personally hadn't seen before, despite it not being particularly groundbreaking subject wise.

The narration however was absolutely abysnal, to the point of having to stop watching half way through. Forced, over-dramatised narration, bringing some sort of ridiculous 'good and evil' and even slightly feminist tone to these animals and ecosystems, which by definition couldn't care less.

Recommended visual watch, if you turn the sound and/or subs off, but who watches a documentary without sound. If this existed without narration, it would be 10000% better. Sorry, but this is by FAR the worst narration I've heard in a long time!

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