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Candy Cane Candidate





Julia returns to her hometown for Christmas to drown her sorrows after her recent political campaign for city council ended in a landslide loss.


Pat Kiely

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_doofy 1 /10

Christmas or politics??

I really enjoy some of the hall mark Christmas movies

And after watching a couple of these life Christmas things it made me realize one of the things i like about hall mark stuff is they don't go over the top pushing a political agenda

This script to this movie is so blah that it doesn't even begin to disguise the political over tones

Considering that Asians have started being brutally physically attacked in this country in some areas by the very platform this movie is scaffolding, it makes it doubly disgusting.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 2 /10


Watching Lifetime Holiday movies is like watching stereotyped interviews of beauty pageants contestants. After the tenth one running on the "World Peace" platform, you realize they all are empty-headed morons.

What happened to real wit, humor, and feelings? And, by the way, what happened to Christmas values and spirit?

Reviewed by kmr-22308 1 /10

Please just stop, Lifetime

Lifetime really just needs to stick with what it knows best and stay out of the holiday movie biz. I hope they got these "actors" and "writers" on the cheap! Just horrible. I've tried to watch six now and couldn't last 30 minutes on any of them.

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