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The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special


Comedy / Musical



The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special is the story of two queens who set out to create a classic Christmas TV variety show, but just can't agree on how. With the help of a chorus of dancers and DeLa's deceased grandmother-whose spirit lives on in a glass of eggnog-DeLa tries her hardest to uphold the cheery Christmas traditions of her childhood. Meanwhile, Jinkx is much more interested in bawdy jokes, cute boys, and boozy libations. As they sing and dance their way through numbers about everything from St. Nick to the Christ child, the tension between them mounts, culminating in an all-out battle for control of the show. After some hilarious insight into the ghosts of their very different Christmas pasts, and with the help of a mysterious naked man with a surprising holiday secret, the two realize that tradition can be whatever we make of it, and family is whomever we choose. This high camp, side-splitting romp is equal parts sacrilegious and sweet, with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold. The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special is sure to be a new holiday tradition for all the lost toys who know that the best traditions are the ones we create ourselves.


Jinkx Monsoon
as Jinkx Monsoon
as BenDeLaCreme
Jeffery Roberson
as Nanog (voice)
Sann Hall
as Nanog Puppeteer
Chloe Albin
as Ensemble

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hmb-51778 10 /10

Not for the faint of heart

If you're a Grinch and your heart is 3 sizes too small, this isn't your show.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a Christmas/Holiday show with sex jokes, nudity, and more tap dancing then you'll really need, then this is your show.

Ben Dela Creme (who directed this catchy, entertaining, pastiche) stars with Jinkx Monsoon (who lend her pipes and her flawless comedic timing as well as her and musical partner Major Scales amazing creations to this heartfelt special.

Is the naked guy at the top of the show more than eye candy? Maybe.

Is he only covered by pixilation? Yes.

Is he the only nearly nude participant? Not even close.

The show does that thing where it teases with visual treats so you'll stick around for the real meat of the evening.

Which is about the dangers of blindness in the face of tradition.

And before you assume the show has a specific bias - it is a show starring two drag performers with gender queer and gender non-conforming people all around - but at it's heart it's about the way we all suffer with expectations and traditions that don't serve us.

And while some folks will say: I love my holiday traditions. I will ask - do they serve everyone in your life and family?

I remember holidays when I was younger. It seemed like people were enjoying themselves.

But I know how many of those folks were drunk for the proceedings. And how later there were protests and promises to never do it again.

This is not the signs of a comfortable tradition. But it isn't Christmas that's being looked at so seriously, but the idea that we can't really judge other people's past or their compensation mechanisms for the pain they harbor.

So you get nudity, sex jokes, and heart.

Not recommended for people who don't want to see adult language, nudity, or their precious egg nog recipe in all its glorious ugliness on display.

Reviewed by bethsims 8 /10

Lots of fun!

It's campy and sweet. Not the best film ever but it's fun if you're into drag. The quality is very much a nod to live stage tv holiday specials. Great musical numbers. Not for everyone but I really enjoyed it!

Reviewed by crevhrt 9 /10


After this horrible year...this is the perfect way to brighten your holiday season!!! These are two of my favorite drag queens and I was thoroughly entertained.

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