7 Grandmasters (1977) torrent download

7 Grandmasters


Action / Comedy / Drama



An aging martial arts expert is gifted a plaque from the Emperor declaring him the Kung Fu World Champion. Unsure of whether or not be is deserving of this title, he embarks on a journey to defeat the 7 Grandmasters.


Joseph Kuo


Li Yi-Min
as Hsia Hsiao-Ying
Jack Lung Si-Kar
as Sang Kuan Chun
Mark Lung
as Yung Chang, eldest student
Corey Yuen
as Sun Hung of Hu Pei, 5th Grandmaster
Nancy Yen Nan-See
as Ming Chu, Sang's daughter
Chin Yuet-Sang
as Monkey Liu, 3rd Grandmaster

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 /10

Cheap but effective

7 GRANDMASTERS is a Taiwanese cheap shot by prolific director Joseph Kuo. It's one of those films which is basically all fighting as a young and upstanding young bloke is awarded the title of kung fu world champion but remains unsure of his merits, to which end he goes on an odyssey of battling as he fights no less than seven of the world's top kung fu grand masters.

There's little more plot to it than that, but this film works because the action is of a good quality. It was choreographed by the great Corey Yuen, who of course would go on to make many classics during the 1980s, and thus the fights have a stylish, hard-hitting feel to them that you don't get elsewhere. Yi-Min Li is an acceptable lead and you get popular actors like Jack Long, Mark Long, and Nancy Yen in support. The usual problems of this genre exist in the film's presentation - poor dubbing, fullscreen picture quality - but 7 GRANDMASTERS works well regardless of these issues.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 /10


Sang Kuan Chun is ready to retire. After all, he's done it all and has nothing to prove until he gets a note that says that he's not the best and must challenge the seven grandmasters to prove that he - and his style - are the best. Sang Kuan Chun goes on a journey with his four best students - and soon picks up Siu Ying who wants revenge - to challenge each of the schools. And let me tell you, this is not bs, as I once was part of a small martial arts group that would go school to school and challenge their students to prove that we had the best fighting style. Look - I'm no master of chess boxing and am just one of those gotta be dumb, gotta be tough fighters. So just imagine walking into a martial arts school in the suburbs and being like, "We want to fight your best guy." I felt like Yoji Anjo challenging Rickson Gracie a lot of the time.

Before Sang Kuan Chun's teacher died, he gave him a book of the Pai Mei Twelve Strikes. There was a masked man who stole three of those strikes - and also set up Sang Kuan Chun to kill Siu Ying's father - and who is mathematically the better fighter because he knows all twelve of the deadly strikes. That man teaches Siu Ying the final strikes and leads him to nearly kill the teacher until he remembers the rule of never killing anyone if it can be avoided.

Once the masked man is revealed, there's still one final battle.

Look, 7 Grandmasters isn't the best martial arts movie ever, but it's got a story that breaks from the norm and the idea that there's always one more strike and always someone better than you rings true. It's definitely a blast to watch.

Reviewed by ckormos1 7 /10

One of the best of the year for the genre

The master is about to retire but goes on a journey to prove he is number one. Li Yi-Min stalks him begging to learn. The other students beat him up because he has no kung fu at all. Sifu gets sick. A gang attacks Sifu and Li Yi-Min clumsily but effectively helps. At about 50 minutes in he finally gets a lesson and ten minutes of magic movie time later he is handing out beatings instead of taking them.

My copy is a digital file that seems to be from a Mei Ah laser disk and is English and widescreen as good as it gets for quality.

This is probably the most polite martial arts movie ever made. The Lung brothers really get to showcase their skills. I am adding it to the best ever list.

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