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If I Only Had Christmas


Drama / Romance



At Christmas, a cheerful publicist teams up with a cynical VP and his eclectic team to help a charity in need.


David Weaver

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Reviewed by Kirpianuscus N/A


The first virtue of film is the effort to nuance , using new reflections, the Hallmark recipe for Christmas films. The obvious references to Wizard of Oz is another good point. But, sure, the vibe of film is proposed by charming energy of Candace Cameron Bure. She has the huge skill to explore the humor, innocence and good energies of each role. The role of Darcy is another admirable example.

Reviewed by atlasmb 7 /10

References To The Wizard Of Oz

This Hallmark holiday story is advertised as a take-off on "The Wizard of Oz". Though it is not connected thematically with the 1939 classic, it does contain numerous references to that film. And it is amusing to note them. Here is a compilation of the main references, in my opinion:

Darcy Gayle (Candace Cameron Bure), an attorney from Kansas City, represents Dorothy Gale. She has a dog named Bobo (compare Toto). Her two brothers are Zeke and Huck, like the farmhands in TWOO. Her father's wife is named Emma (compare Auntie Em).

She travels to Connecticut to work pro bono for a charity: Emerald Educational Trust (compare Emerald City). There she meets Glenn Goodman, VP of Communications for Austin Industries (AI) who, like Glinda the Good Witch of the North, shepherds her adventure. In her pursuit of success for Emerald, she works with Jackie Crow (cf. the scarecrow) who has plenty of ideas, but little focus until Darcy recognizes her talents; she works with Bridget Tinsley (cf. the tinman) who is very pragmatic until Darcy warms up her heart; and she works with Riley Lyons (cf. the cowardly lion) who is very fearful until Darcy boosts his confidence.

AI's Chief Financial Officer is Winona West who, like the Wicked Witch of the West, is Darcy's main roadblock to success with Emerald and, eventually, AI. She effectively blocks any contact with the CEO of AI, Austin himself, who almost no one has ever seen. Austin (Oz) is the Wizard, of course. He is a mystery until the proverbial curtain is pulled back to reveal his identity.

There are many verbal references to TWOO and it is all good fun. This story is not big on romance, but it is whimsical

Reviewed by Jackbv123 9 /10


Why are there so many bottom rating reviews for this movie on this site where the reviewer only has one review? Check their history. Most of them say little that is descriptive in their review beyond "boring" or the equivalent. I'm not the only person that says that outlier reviews by single time reviewers often means an ulterior motive or conflict of interest.

I have never been a huge fan of Candace (CCB). She frequently plays annoying, pushy characters, at least at the start of a movie. I liked her in this movie. Still a little pushy. But I felt like I was seeing deeper into the character, Dorthy, I mean Darcy. She and Warren Christie had that chemistry where comebacks were well timed and not mean. There were plenty of digs back and forth, but they were more like private jokes or personal code. Much of their dialogue was fun.

The movie started out as one of the usual plots where the consultant comes in to rescue some aspect of a business, but other than the usual devices of Santa and a gala and a couple others, the story was really something else. Those devices were well used vehicles to deliver all the things I mentioned earlier. Of course the outcome is predictable. I would think many people saw the twist coming which makes the conflict and climax predictable as well. I don't know what keyed me, but I saw the twist almost immediately.

This movie had so many allusions to Wizard of Oz, that I would be surprised if anyone missed it. There were characters representing the Scarecrow, Tin(wo)man, and Lion. The role of the Witch wasn't exactly a match but obvious. The Man behind the curtain was obvious but not presented in quite the same way as Oz. Many lines were direct quotes. And most of the lines and comparisons and allusions were clever. The supporting actors filling those roles did a good job and it was a pleasure to watch them. I love a underdog or coming of age story and at least 5 characters did that to one extent or another. I especially enjoyed Jordana Largy, but I've always been a nerd.

This movie wasn't boring if you were watching for the little things. Quite the opposite.

Because there are so many horrible reviews, I want to cut off anyone who will point to mine as having an ulterior motive. I have over 1400 ratings on this site (as of end of 2020) and nearly 800 reviews of movies and TV shows. Many, possibly most, are either Christmas movies or Rom/Coms. Yes, I tend to favor Hallmark partly because I've watched so many, but also because they fit my preferences more often, but not nearly exclusively.

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