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Christmas Takes Flight





A holiday battle of wills between pilot Jenny Beckett and Matt Hansen, a number-crunching CEO who purchases Jenny's family-owned, regional airline. Matt's cost-cutting initiatives threaten Christmas when he cancels the airline's annual holiday charitable benefit for underserved children. Determined to show Matt that the sweetest things in life are worth any price, Jenny rallies the community to help save the event and unexpectedly finds herself falling for the magnate in the process.


Michael Robison


Katie Lowes
as Jenny Beckett
Evan Williams
as Matt Hansen
Lucia Walters
as Christine Bentley
Allison Riley
as Audrey Travers

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Reviewed by vchimpanzee N/A

Typical Christmas romance with miracles

We know there will be some kind of Christmas miracle before it's all over, but what we don't know is what or how. Or how many people's lives will benefit from what has happened. I will only say there's plenty to make people happy, eventually.

Not having seen a lot of these Hallmark-type movies in recent years since I don't pay for the channel, I can't say whether this is better or worse than the others.

It's not outstanding. But there are some appealing characters and pleasant experiences in a small town up north.

I didn't remember seeing Katie Lowes' name in the credits and wouldn't have known her, but I do know her from 'Scandal" where she was intelligent and tough. Not the typical pretty and perky romantic comedy star, but good enough. Jenny has a nice personality, intelligence, courage and determination and you want her to succeed in getting what she wants. You want this small town to keep its biggest industry.

Evan Williams is supposedly good-looking but I didn't find that much appealing about him. He's the typical villain in movies like this, with little sense of humor and the attitude that the bottom line is important and people's happiness is not. But he does occasionally smile before the inevitable change in personality, and he shows signs of becoming more like we would want before what we just know will happen. I won't say he becomes easy to like, and he's not great, but he is typical of what would be expected.

Gabriel Jacob-Cross stands out as an enthusiastic kid with a dream of being a pilot.

There are a couple of nice scenes with another child who is scared to fly until Jenny talks to her, and then encourages others who are afraid.

I like Charlie's band, which is surprising. Jazz is not what one would expect in the tavern where they play, but what they do is mostly my kind of music. Later, there is a Christmas song I consider annoying which is also unfamiliar. People who like Christmas movies will probably like it.

Is this family friendly? Like the previous week's movie on CBS, it received a TV-G rating and I couldn't find anything wrong with it. And this movie actually has plenty of kids in a few scenes for kid appeal. Most of the movie is devoted to an event for the children which is threatened in several ways. So kids at least have that.

Put this one on your list, if you don't have too many.

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