An Irish Story: This Is My Home (2020) torrent download

An Irish Story: This Is My Home





The Black Donnellys attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a concert played in every U.S. state while exploring Irish immigration to America and its influence and heritage.

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Reviewed by cdlistguy 7 /10

I Got The Irish In Me

This was a bit of fun. My only complaint is that they overdid the immigration aspect of the story. Their personal feelings about it were fine; it was just that the emphasis on the history of it, readily available elsewhere, took over the second part of the movie to a degree. As a result, it diluted some of the "will they do it?" excitement. With the right directior and editor, this could have been a nailbaiting one hour special!

Reviewed by spider-95 10 /10

Brilliant job gents.

I was finally able to sit down and watch this film. I have been wanting to see it since before it was finished. Dave and Dave I am proud to be able to call you friends. It was even better than expected. Hope to get to see you in person again when the world returns to normal. Slainté!

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