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Asakusa Kid


Biography / Drama



It is the 1960s and a young Kitano Takeshi drops out of school to immerse himself in the theatre. He is fortunate enough to become the protege of a famed entertainer in Japan. Takeshi is taught to practice being an entertainer day and night, awake or sleeping. He should inhabit the persona. At the same time theatre is becoming less popular as people gravitate to their televisions. —aghaemi


Hitori Gekidan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by takezo-81010 8 /10

Omedetou Mr.Beat Takeshi

Omedetou (congratulations) for this great movie, showing the rise of this incredible comedian Mr. Takeshi Kitano, and also showing a famous comedy art in Japan: Manzai, when 2 actors are playing together, with a serious guy and a "crazy funny"guy.

Even as a Gaijin (foreigner), the art and movies of Takeshi Kitano have influenced my life (and I'm living in japan now!).

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