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Mariah's Christmas: The Magic Continues





Brings together Mariah Carey, Khalid and Kirk Franklin in a new holiday special to perform their new single, "Fall in Love at Christmas".


Joseph Kahn

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Reviewed by kelboy10 7 /10

Mariah brings Christmas once more

It's officially time to start getting ready for Christmas with this quick interview with Mariah on upcoming projects but very little is revealed and Mariah performances fall in love at Christmas time.

Reviewed by reellycynical 1 /10

Conceited Garbage

Once again, here we have another "star" trying to "Brighten Up the Little People" with their rendition of the same ole' Christmas songs we all have heard since we were two years old.

How conceited can this cow be? Really? Nobody gives two sh**s about Mariah or her stupid Xmas Special.

How about this? Maybe go PERFORM.... on a STAGE and come up with some ORIGINAL CONTENT that might draw people back to you??


Reviewed by designfxsa 10 /10

The Queen of Christmas!

10 stars just because its the season to be giving! This lady never fails us during the festive season and nor do the damn radio stations! Nonetheless, its all good, all happy and cheery..

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