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Full Alert


Action / Crime / Thriller



Police Inspector Pao is trying to catch Mak Kwan, a gang member who is first arrested, but then escapes from the prison. By chance, Pao realizes that the target of Kwan's gang is the H.K. Jockey Club. —Anonymous


Ringo Lam


Lau Ching-Wan
as Inspector Pao
Francis Ng
as Mak Kwan
Amanda Lee
as Chung Lai-Hung
Chin Ka-Lok
as Chan Gwok Biu

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 /10

Predictable, yes... but still quite entertaining...

"Full Alert" ("Go do gaai bei") is a fairly average movie of its genre, that being an action / drama / thriller movie of cat and mouse chasing between one police man and one criminal.

Sure, the story has been used countless times in other movies, and there is nothing really innovating or groundbreaking to be seen, then "Full Alert" is actually good entertainment. Why? Well because of the director's hand; Ringo Lam really managed to do a great job with this movie. But of course, the movie was this well-working not only because of the direction, but also by the very convincing and great acting performances by both Ching Wan Lau (playing inspector Pao) and Francis Ng (playing Mak Kwan). It should be said that all people in the movie were actually doing great jobs with their given roles.

There is just the right amount of action and suspense in "Full Alert" to keep it thrilling and interesting from start till end, but of course the acting worked wonders as well. I, personally, liked that the action took place in various places, but especially on the crowded streets of Hong Kong in broad daylight. That is just magnificent.

If you enjoy these types of crime movies, despite them being predictable to the core, then "Full Alert" is well worth checking out, as it has enough action to stand alongside any Hong Kong movie, and a solid storyline to keep the audience hooked. And if you enjoy the Hong Kong cinema of action movies, then you should give "Full Alert" a chance. Despite it being from 1997, then it still holds up today.

On a side note, it is a bit odd that it is only now in 2012 that I have come to know of and see this movie. Probably because I've never been much fan of Ching Wan Lau, even though he did a great job in this movie. Francis Ng, however, well I do like his movies, so it is about time that I got around to watching this movie.

Reviewed by DanStarkey 10 /10

Unexpectedly powerful

Lau Ching Wan turns in an powerful performance as a tough cop who goes over the line in pursuit of his quarry and alter ego, played masterfully by Francis Ng. The film transforms from a formula competition between cop and robber midway through the film, to a gripping portrait of two men who must live with the life-and-death decisions that they make in their line of work. Who would have thought that such a shoot-em-up movie would address such deep issues, and do it so successfully? The director, Ringo Lam, is quite versatile, having also directed the excellent Jackie Chan action comedy "Twin Dragons," as well as star vehicles for Jean Claude Van Damme and Shu Qi.

Reviewed by Hoagy27 6 /10

Slightly better than standard cop flick

This cop flick breaks little new ground but does a good job covering many of the familiar cop-show tropes. The opening credit sequence is excellent. There's also a nice climax with some very fine closing lines. In between, near as I could tell, the acting was just so-so but my impressions are based on the undoubtedly lousy translation from Cantonese. In some cases the subtitles flash on the screen so fast I had to go back and read them again. This can only make mincemeat out of a film's pacing. However, you know someone is playing fast and loose with idioms when a loving mother coos soothingly to beloved child "Be quiet or I will beat you", and hardened criminals on the eve of a big heist admonish one another "Don't be nervous".

My favorite scenes:

The tough-cop hero is at home after a hard day. He's getting ready to take a nice bath. The tub is full of welcoming blue water and awaits his relaxation. He's pensively considering the day's grisly activity: a wild car chase through Hong Kong, a desperate shoot-out with vicious crooks, a buddy dies horribly… when into the tiny bathroom comes his crying young son. The kid cries and cries and cries: He wants his daddy! The hero instantly abandons his bath and takes the family for a walk in the park. Genius!

After getting beat up by thugs in a squalid alley (and it is clear Hong Kong has many squalid alleys) the hero's gun is dumped into a wet-gooey, over-full garbage can which the hero has no qualms about digging through, and dumping out in full Technicolor detail, to retrieve his gat (which still works fine… in this movie getting a gun wet is no problem at all… probably makes 'em work better).

At a crucial moment it has occurred to Crook 1 that Crook 2 may be a liability. Crook 1 gets the drop on Crook 2, shoves a gun in his face and announces this thought. Unfortunately, they are in the process of an armed robbery and Crook 1 seems to have forgotten that they are both armed. Crook 2 simply shoots Crook 1 in the foot and when Crook 1 stumbles Crook 2 fills him full of lead! (I've often wondered why this sort of thing doesn't happen more in movies.) But wait… there's more! It seems Crook 2 is a sensitive soul and pretty much instantly feels remorse for the killing. He is so overcome with grief he pauses in his stuffing of swag in sacks for the getaway to empty yet another gun into the corpse while yelling: "What are you looking at!?!?" He then collapses sobbing. Classic!

Finally, guys, here's something to remember: you can kick, pummel & thrash a guy … you can even handcuff and pistol-whip him and he will still come back and head-butt you the first chance he gets. However, you can take a girl totally out of action simply by giving her a contemptuous shove.

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