Assassination on the Tiber (1979) torrent download

Assassination on the Tiber


Comedy / Crime / Drama



A black-out occurs during the meeting of a gang of criminals. When the light is back one of them is found killed with a stab on his back and all the clues point to a penniless man who had an argument with the victim a short time before the murder.


Bruno Corbucci


Tomás Milián
as Nico Giraldi
Marina Ripa di Meana
as Eleonora Ruffini
as Venticello
Roberta Manfredi
as Angela Santi
Marino Masé
as Nardelli

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bezenby 6 /10

Disco Milian - get down!

Nico Giraldi's sixth (!) outing takes a giallo form when a leading industrialist type guy is stabbed in the back when the lights go out during a meeting. Who killed the guy and why? Everyone attending is a suspect, but an old man who was seen arguing with him prior to the meeting is arrested as the prime suspect.

Giraldi knows the guy who's been arrested and doesn't think he's responsible, so he starts investigating all those who were in attendance at the meeting, while also playing special attention to the dead guy's attractive wife, whom he hits on merely three days after the murder of her husband. Giraldi also gets to get it on and possibly marry the prime suspect's daughter, but does he ever track down the killer.

You know these Inspector Giraldi films are merely an excuse for Tomas Milian to ham it up for laughs, right? The fairly standard giallo plot (dead person, loads of red herrings, killer bumping off witnesses) is just background noise for Milian to dress up in crazy outfits, swear an awful lot, hit on women and do a bit of crazy slapstick.

At first I thought this one was a bit mild in these stakes until Milian started chasing a suspect on horseback and the film turned into a Western, with the horse remaining as a character for the rest of the film and even ending up living with Milian (no mouse called Serpico this time around). The highlight of the film for me was when Milian has to get to one of the suspects, but in order to do so enters a singing contest, which does with a cheeseball disco song with drag artist backing singers.

These are Milian's films all the way mind you, so if you like to see him mouthing off to his superiors and acting like a horny fanny rat, there's eleven of these Giraldi films just waiting for you.

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