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When Lucy Cullins, a successful but cranky producer at a home shopping network, hires an actor named Nick to play Santa Claus on the network she gets more than she bargained for. Nick really is Santa Claus, and he faces mandatory retirement after 200 years on the job. Nick must find his replacement by Christmas Eve or the world will face dire consequences and he has his sights set on Lucy. —Patrick Spreng


Peter Werner

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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 /10

Worth taking a chance on

Am very glad about giving 'Call Me Claus' a chance. Expectations were mixed. Despite loving Christmas, many festive films and specials and liking Whoopi Goldberg and especially Nigel Hawthorne (the latter sadly in his last film) as actors, the advertising didn't look great and it did sound like pretty cheap and cheesy. There have been numerous instances where films don't look great from how it's advertised but manage to be good and victims of bad marketing (my exact experience with 'Lilo and Stitch' for example).

'Call Me Claus' is a long way from perfect, not one of the best Christmas films and it's not my definition of great. It was though a lot better than expected and an example of a film to not judge by its marketing, very like not judging a book by its cover. Goldberg is not at her best here, but the film does serve as a poignant reminder of how great an actor Hawthorne was and it is a not half bad last film for him. Although flawed, 'Call Me Claus' struck me as quite decent.

There are many good things here. The best thing about 'Call Me Claus' is Hawthorne, who is perfect in the title role. Playing it with a twinkling charm, gently humorous comic timing, a jovial air and poignancy. The supporting cast all do well if never on Hawthorne's level. The script has genuinely amusing and never crude or juvenile humour, truly moving pathos without going over the top on the sappiness and is also surprisingly relevant. The cynicism never gets mean-spirited. The characters didn't come over as dull, nor did they come over as annoying.

Story is very charming, warm-hearted and goes at a pace that doesn't feel routine or sluggish. The chemistry between the cast comes over as warm and natural. The music gives a nice festive cheer and at least fits.

Goldberg though left me a bit mixed. She has moments of sass but there are instances where she did seem to be mailing it in or holding back. 'Call Me Claus' does look as though it was made on a limited budget in a short period of time, with production values that could easily pass for a film made ten years or so prior.

Do think as well that the ending does require a number of attempts of swallowing, which is not easy to do for one that is rather unrealistic and too neat.

In conclusion, not bad at all and did find a lot to like about it. 6/10

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 /10

Call Me Claus

Nick (Nigel Hawthorne) is nearing the end of his 200 year term as Santa Claus and needs to find his successor. Failure to do so will bring calamity such as the melting of the North pole ice cap.

Nick hopes to recruit Lucy Cullins (Whoopi Goldberg) someone who was a true believe in the spirit of Christmas as a young girl. However her father died in the Vietnam war soon after she sat on Nick's lap.

Now the grown up Lucy is a cynical grinch working for a shopping channel. Nick applies to be the Santa salesman for the shopping channel in the run up to Christmas, so he can get near Lucy an persuade her to take on his job.

The plot about finding a replacement Santa is a well worn one in these days of mass produced Christmas movies. This is indistinguishable for those types of quickly made and low budget films apart from having a better calibre cast.

Despite being made for cable back in 2001, Call Me Claus is not that funny or appealing. It actually wastes the talents of an Oscar winner and Oscar nominee.

This was Nigel Hawthorne's last film role. At least he got to play a sweet natured part, a far cry from his mean and cynical Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister.

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 /10

Call Me Claus

I noticed this TV movie listed as being rated three stars, and starring one of my favourite African American actresses, and a good sounding actor playing the lovable yuletide hero, so I decided to watch. Basically when she was a little girl, Lucy Cullins had a big belief in the magic of Christmas, and sitting on the lap of a Santa Claus (Nigel Hawthorne) she wears his hat which glows and proves he is the chosen one to have Christmas spirit. While there she also asked as a Christmas present for her father, fighting in Vietnam, to return home, but instead he is brought home in a coffin. Years later, Lucy (Whoopi Goldberg, also producing) is grown up and is the network executive and producer of the home consumer "Shop-A-Lot" Channel, with a grumpy attitude with no real Christmas spirit and not paying much attention to her family. Her boss Cameron (Brian Stokes Mitchell) wants to boost the sales for the shopping channel during the holiday season approaching, so he wants to hire a Santa Claus to advertise the festive merchandise, so auditions are held with no successful applicants. Then they spot the man calling himself Nick (still Hawthorne), with a jolly attitude, a love for Christmas, and a real heartwarming charm, so he is hired. Within minutes of his debut on the channel, he is an instant hit helping to bring in big numbers of sales, more than any of the other networks, but he has another agenda than just making money. Nick has an awkward friendship with Lucy, and he tries to convince her that he is not only the same Santa she saw in the mall years ago, but that he is the real Santa, and he has an important job for her. After convincing her he really is Santa Claus with a trip to the North Pole and the workshop with all the elves, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the sleigh, Lucy is then told that she is destined to be the next Santa. Nick explains that every Santa since the 2nd Century reigns as the man that delivers presents worldwide (with the help of the space time continuum) for 200 years until another person with Christmas spirit is found, and she is that person. If Lucy doesn't put on his hat once again, embrace the spirit of Christmas and become the new Santa Claus, there will come the "Or Else Factor", where the giant flood Noah's Ark went through will happen again. She is unconvinced and is made to believe everything was a dream to go back to normal, and Nick makes his final broadcast on the shopping channel, Christmas Eve, and leaving to go back to the North Pole he can only leave a note to say "it's not too late". Realising her boss was only interested in making money and wanted to "oen Christmas", Lucy runs home and finds the note left by Nick, and that is when she decides to try the Santa hat on and create the glow of the Christmas spirit again. She has now truly become the new Santa Claus, she is picked up by Nick and main elf Ralph (Taylor Negron) to be transformed into a Santa figure with the red suit and whitened hair, and of course being Christmas Eve start delivering all the presents. After a few deliveries they make a pit stop so Lucy can see her niece perform in the choir with a solo on stage, make her peace with her mother (Melody Garrett) and brother Dwayne (White Chicks' Frankie R. Faison), and with Nick still in tow flying away as as Santa. Also starring Titanic's Victor Garber as Taylor and Total Recall's Robert Costanzo as Teamster Santa. Goldberg with her sharp-tongued schtick makes her a different approach to an originally Scrooge like character transformed by Christmas cheer, and Hawthorne is a perfect choice as Santa Claus with his Christmassy charm and good nature. Being made for TV I was worried it would be very cheesy with cheap special effects and corny performances, but actually it works really well, it does admittedly have a hard to swallow final few minutes, but overall, a nice seasonal comedy. Worth watching!

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