South Park: Post COVID (2021) torrent download

South Park: Post COVID


Animation / Comedy



What happened to the children who lived through the Pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived but will never be the same Post Covid.


Trey Parker
as Stanley Marsh / Eric Cartman/ Randy Marsh (voice)
Matt Stone
as Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick (voice)
April Stewart
as Alexa (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TreeFiddy53 8 /10

I enjoyed it

If you're a fan of South Park, you'll love this and all sorts of references to the show, their pandemic special. If you're not a fan, maybe you'll have a good laugh too.

Some of those twists and turns, it did NOT see coming. LOL. Future Cartman and future Kenny are what!? XD Hahaha. And that ending though! I'm excited about what looks like the Part 2.

Reviewed by marymcfarland-01866 1 /10

Just Not Good

The previous 2 pandemic episodes were absolutely hilarious. Post Covid simply was not funny. The jokes were few and far between. The story was stupid. Nothing about this landed for me. I was so disappointed because I love South Park, but I cannot recommend this episode.

Reviewed by laqsheyo 10 /10

South park : Post Kenny's New Funeral

OMG this movie was so so funny, I loved the 1999 south park movie too but this one was even better, such a great story, seeing them finally grow up was super fun to watch, Alexa was hilarious, Eric cartman (my favourite character) is awesome as usual also loved his boy (very similar). So much more to come.

Some people are posting negative reviews but if you are a south park fan you will surely love it. I personally liked it even more than the pandemic special episode.

Just to tell you - Butters' alter ego was Professor chaos ( You will understand this after finishing it, no spoiler)

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