Jonas Brothers Family Roast (2021) torrent download

Jonas Brothers Family Roast


Comedy / Musical



It's the Jonas Brothers like you've never seen them before - getting a roasting they'll never forget.


Alex Van Wagner

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Reviewed by tyesonbebee 1 /10

Pete Davidson was Garbage.

So was the rest of the roasters this felt like a Disney roast and not like the good ones put on by Jeff Ross, anyways you can tell this was made for the lady's that were their fans. Anyways don't waist your time with this.

Reviewed by danwilberforce 2 /10


I love a good roast (I mean I am English), but a good roast this was not.

Almost none of the jokes landed, everything felt really awkward as though people were too afraid to hurt each others feelings.

The only act that really made me laugh was Jack Whitehall, the two stars are for him and him alone.

Overall this was just bland and a poor attempt to replicate what comedy central has been doing for years to a MUCH higher standard.

Reviewed by exceladeogun 6 /10


Jonas brothers family roast

Some jokes were really funny, but it wasn't well balanced, it was littered with dull moments. It also felt like they were trying to play it safe, like a Disney roast🤣💀

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