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Her name is Diana Jackson, but you can call her T.N.T. When T.N.T.'s brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, the beautiful young karate expert goes to the most dangerous part of Chinatown to find the killer. In trouble with the law since she was 13, T.N.T. wants no help from the pigs; but she does befriend a Chinaman named Joe, whose impressive martial arts skills prove useful more than once. In her quest for the killer, she'll meet the white drug lord, Sid; Elaine, his bitchy girlfriend; his suspicious Chinese assistant, Ming; and Charlie, his handsome black assistant with criminal ambitions of his own. Before her search is over, she'll find herself making love to Charlie, trading insults with Elaine, and fighting criminals while nude and in the dark. Just call her T.N.T. —J. Spurlin


Cirio H. Santiago


Jeannie Bell
as Diana 'T.N.T.' Jackson (as Jeanne Bell)
Stan Shaw
as Charlie
as Dynamite Wong

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 /10

I wish TNT had fought the fiendish Dr. Wu on Kung Fu Island instead....

In a giant sea of blaxploitation films, "TNT Jackson" doesn't stand out from the crowd other than its setting and gender of the protagonist..and its copious nudity. Otherwise, it's a standard cheap action film of the 70s and not a lot more.

Ex-playboy model Jeannie Bell stars as TNT Jackson, a lovely lady from Harlem who has ventured to the worst part of Hong Kong in order to discover what's happened to her brother. Apparently, he got on the bad side of a organized drug ring...and she soon gets their attention. To help her is a local Chinese man as well as an undercover federal agent.

The martial arts are spotty...though the double who does all the acrobatics for TNT was very good and it's very hard to tell that a double was kudos for the director for this. Unfortunately, in the close combat scenes, they are spotty...from pretty good to pretty bad. As for the's all pretty tandard stuff apart from the setting (Hong Kong). For fans of the genre, this one in't bad but it certainly won't convert anyone to the genres of blaxploitation or martial arts.

Reviewed by Michael_Elliott N/A

Goofy Fun

T.N.T. Jackson (1975)

** (out of 4)

Cult classic blaxploitation film about a kung fu fighting sister (Jeannie Bell) from Harlem who travels to Hong Kong to locate her missing brother. Once there the black, white and Chinese mob wants her out but thankfully she knows how to kick ass. This was my first of the blaxploitation/kung fun genre, which led to several films during the 1970s. I'm not going to lie and say this is a good film or even a fair one but it was mildly entertaining due in large part to former Playmate Bell. Her acting isn't really that good but her breasts are quite nice and thankfully they get several minutes of screen time. The violence and action is pretty much non-stop so if you don't mind the childish nature of the film then you might find yourself with a smile. The best scene happens when a Chinese guy wants to exchange sex with T.N.T. and she says: If you want black you got black!. She then strips down and turns the lights off so no one can see her (a homage in Tarantino's Jackie Brown as well). Politically incorrect? Hey, it's blaxploitation. Co-written by Roger Corman favorite Dick Miller.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 /10

Kung fu crud

A very feeble cross between a kung fu film and a blaxploitation movie, aimed squarely in the middle of both markets and yet failing as a vehicle for each genre. This is a Filipino-shot movie with the Philippines standing in for Hong Kong, directed by old hand Cirio H. Santiago. Believe it or not, I'm a fan of Santiago's movies – call me a masochist if you will – but even I'll be the first to admit this is one of his worst efforts.

The problem is that the film is boring, despite best efforts otherwise. The plot is slim and of the standard revenge format, but most of the production values are terrible. The fight choreography is very poor and there never appears to be any genuine skill on the part of most of the performers. In particular, Jeannie Bell is terrible, completely failing to cut it as both a fighter and a leading actress; it's painfully obvious that her career background is as a model. Best of the actors is Stan Shaw, later a Hollywood mainstay, who's a pleasure to watch whenever he's on screen.

Unfortunately, TNT JACKSON has to be considered a failure at the end of it all purely because it's so badly made. Sure, there are a handful of decent scenes in here, and one or two scenes that are memorable for all the wrong reasons, but it's not enough to make this come close to resembling a decent movie in any way, shape or form.

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