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The Shuroo Process


Comedy / Drama



When a young NYC based freelance magazine writer, frustrated with the pressures of a failing publishing world and a less than promising romantic life, becomes infatuated by a wildly charismatic self-help guru it sends her on a journey of self improvement with catastrophic consequences.

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Reviewed by ops-52535 5 /10

its new age ...

All over the line, a story about ever so troubled individuals of the human race, seeking help for each of their problems, trawls the internet, and find a retreat that fulfill every tree talker and spiritual foundationed, with all the hippie artifacts that exists and an ever so deep diving trying guru who struggles to dive due to the lifejacket he has of own problems and concerns...will it help the lost ones, well time will tell if there is hope at the end of the line...

i did have trouble to define this movie ,is it meant to be grave as a grave or is it a comedy rump towards the selfrealisation boosting evenement that lingers like light in the dark on the lost insects called humans afterall, seeking emotional cleansing and higher love?

It has all the stigmata that psychotherapists make a living of, there are wimsy flirting and deep valleys shaved by high hills of mental equilibrium as in a bipolar disorder, the acting cast has got talent, and the beauty of human race is widely reflected by them, combined with a pretty intoxicating score it might fill your lungs with slowfox due to herbal inhalation, making you float through this flick without even flipping a finger or breaking a leg, or selfdiagnosing your own state of mind...

well its not a movie that will make people stomp, the story is to bland and slow to become that, therefore, in the name of #metoo and my #mentoo, its just a small recommend from the grumpy old man.

Reviewed by cam-47293 10 /10

A must watch!

I was fortunate enough to stumble across this at the Woodstock film festival and for me it was the best I'd seen during the week. This is indie film making at its finest. It stands out from the noise and the competition of multi million dollar budget TV show and movies. For that alone it's a must watch. What these new film makers were able to pull of made it part of the excitement of watching it. Not to mention the familiar faces that would would appear such as Fiona Dourif. ( who I loved by the way) all in all I can't fault what this is. It's not trying to be anything it's not and it lets the viewers make up their own minds about these nuanced characters. It's made me REALLY laugh at moments but also made me think about my own spiritual journey. I think it may find it's cult audience of the years... ( ironically)

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