Ma Belle, My Beauty (2021) torrent download

Ma Belle, My Beauty


Drama / Romance



A surprise reunion in the South of France reignites passions and jealousies between two women who were formerly polyamorous lovers.


Marion Hill

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Angry_Santa 1 /10

For connoisseurs of fine paint.

If you've become a master of watching paint dry and feel you're ready to progress to the next level, this movie might be for you.

Whilst it's true that good actors can convey the entirety of their dialogue through mere expressions and gestures, never once having to utter a spoken word, the actors (and most notably the director) fail utterly in managing to convey any meaning - with or without dialogue.

Trying to pass off a back yard film project as an international work of art by setting it in France similarly fails. Even the worst of French movies will easily run rings around ostensibly-good US-made movies - and in this instance, the movie is far from even mediocre, let alone good.

It's great to support wanna-be filmmakers; it's them who keep the video camera industry alive - but when you're as bad at making movies as Ms. Hill so obviously is, it's time for you to re-consider your career choices. I hear Chipotle's hiring.

Reviewed by helen-handelman 10 /10

a timeless story of complex love that transcends expectations

Everything about this film is luscious and complex and beautifully-wrought. The performances are honest and connected, and the story pushes forward with compulsion and movement -- helped by the gorgeous, jazzy score and outrageously good cinematography. In small moments, this film reveals a ton without saying all that much. The silence and the physicality of the actors connect us to their struggles and joy, and we care deeply about their evolution (or regression, however you see it). Please watch and share with those you love -- not one to miss.

Reviewed by dylanjohntran 10 /10

an intimate story- visually rich

Ma Belle is gorgeous- Hill's narrative is artfully written; they guide us through the relationship's dynamics with a nuanced dance of perspectives, sowing empathy and resentment in kind as the throuple's history is revealed. The acting is excellent (there's a particular confrontation scene between two characters in later in the film that HITS). The score is vibrant, with an exceptionally tasteful/immersive use of diegetic music. The visual language is expressive, warm and languid, while still authentically communicating loss, loneliness, abandonment, etc. 10/10 worth the watch.

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