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The Strings


Horror / Musical / Thriller



In the dead of winter, a musician travels to a remote cottage to work on new material, but soon finds herself under attack from a mysterious dark presence.


Ryan Glover


Teagan Johnston
as Catherine
Toby Hendy
as The Physicist
Lora Bidner
as The Pianist
Tara Niewiadomski
as The Tattoo Artist

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 5 /10

Entertaining when it wants to be

Trying to continue her career, a young musician rents out a remote house in the wilderness to hone her songwriting craft, but the longer she stays there she comes to believe there's a malevolent supernatural force living in the house that doesn't want her there and tries to find out what it wants to get away alive.

Overall, this one was a rather solid if troubled effort. When this one works best is the rather enjoyable setup that gets her out to the house and lets the atmosphere there take over. With the early introduction giving us a glimpse of her efforts towards the musical endeavors and the desire for solitude to complete her compositions, stumbling upon the remote house in the middle of the countryside and using the isolation to craft her skills is a fine endeavor that allows the film to move into the haunting atmosphere quite well. The howling winds, freezing desolate landscapes, and complete silence since she's the only person in the area manage to combine together into an effective atmospheric touch which is quite well appreciated here as the sequences of her setting up the place to be furnished and livable space offering up a fine start to things. From there, the film generates a lot to like with the addition of the supernatural into the proceedings which are quite fun. The first stages to this, with the discovery in the photograph and a dark figure spotted in the background of a video taken when she's unaware of its presence, are subtle enough clues that something's going on and starting to affect her psychologically. The later stages, where it shows up around the house and is not really interacting but more looking over her to the point where it's become far more psychologically destructive about her music and career as well as the relationship she's trying to salvage are fine enough as well at continuing this effect, but once her friend becomes involved and under its influence, this one picks back up again to have a chilling enough climax to be mildly enjoyable overall. There are some problems to be had with this one. The main drawback to the film is the agonizingly slow and dreary pacing that keeps the film from ever generating any kind of momentum or excitement for anything. It's almost as lethargic as the atmosphere here where there's no energy at all for anything that happens, whether it's the scenes arriving at the house, taking in the local landscapes, or even just the scenes of her and the photographer getting together which are all in the same tempo and setup that it all just comes off with a similar sense of disinterest. As well, this also manages the other feat of making the films' genre qualities come off so deep in the second act that it's very possible to have checked out from lack of interest long before it gets there since it never gives off hints or any other kind of notice that the film will become one with the way it builds up. These issues are what cause this one to hold itself down overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Language, Violence and Brief Nudity.

Reviewed by jeromebasque 1 /10

Only Thing Scary About This Is The Ogre Of A Main Character

This is indie garbage. A no talent land whale moves her fat body around as we painfully watch. Numerous scenes of her morbidly obese body in the bath tub just doing nothing. I don't know why this is called strings when all she does is dabble, like a mentally handicap child, on keyboards and make stupid sounds. As a classically trained violinist myself, who was playing Bach at age 5, I thought it might actually incorporate the violin. Don't watch. The acting is awful. Story awful. It's just really bad. Just give it 1 star like it deserves and stop these people from ever putting out trash like this again.

Reviewed by Ernesto_Caro 2 /10


Stay away from this one, one of the most boring films I've seen in my life. The protagonist spends a third of the movie making music and I barely had the opportunity to know who she is, I wouldn't recommend it.

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