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Katie, a single mother living in France with her daughter Lisa, struggles to make ends meet while working at a chemical factory. There, she meets Paco, a co-worker from Spain. Soon, they move in together, and Katie becomes pregnant. Katie gives birth to a baby boy, named Ricky, and she and Paco raise him together in their tiny apartment, along with Lisa. However, it soon becomes apparent that Ricky is no ordinary baby; he develops a pair of functioning wings and becomes able to fly. Soon he is flitting about in their tiny apartment, and together Katie and Paco struggle to raise and handle the ever-growing Ricky. —Alyssa W


François Ozon

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 /10

There's NO message...it's just people behaving badly!

I have rarely expected so much from a film but got so little. This was my experience with "Ricky". After all, it's a story about a baby who sprouts wings--and so it's a comedy, right?! Well, no...there really isn't anything funny or even magical about the movie and I thoroughly hated the movie.

The film begins with a single mom, Katie, and her obviously ignored and depressed daughter, Lisa. Lisa's needs or welfare NEVER seem to matter to Katie and often Katie just does whatever she wants. She sees a nice looking guy at work...she has sex with him in a bathroom stall. She has a daughter to pick up at school...she shows up much, much later than she said and the kid just has to wait. She decides to actually DATE the man she had sex with in the stall, she runs off to do this and you assume the kid is with a sitter or at home alone. Later, mom brings the guy home and they screw again--and it's very loud and the kid is forced to hear it all. The next day, the kid sees mom and her latest passion having breakfast and you have no idea how this will impact the child. Most animals seem to have more on the ball regarding parenting than this woman! Look, I am not anti-sex--but there is a reasonable time and place and being responsible sure ain't important to this couple. Later, they create a boy--and the guy runs off for a while. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I didn't think much of this parenting style.

So, at this point, I assumed that when Ricky, the baby, sprouts wings that the parents will FINALLY grow up and there will be some meaning to all of this or some needed personal growth. Nope. Apparently there is no message. Mom, true to form, misplaces Ricky and the film soon ends. Apparently, the baby's needs, like his sister's really don't matter. But at least mom feels inexplicably inspired.

Why do others like this film? All I know is that I couldn't relate to it or enjoy it at all. It's a waste of an interesting idea, that's for sure. And, it really annoyed me.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 /10


I realize that some Ozon fans are disappointed by the outcome of this project, as can be seen by another review here on IMDb also. I do understand that some might feel that Ozon should have better stick to what he was doing. But I think he did a very good job here. Behind all the "normality" of the movie, there lies an ambiguity. The movie deals with loss or better how people react to loss.

Loss of material things, emotional loss and of course other losses too. That's what I felt watching it, but I can also tell, that some people might have gotten a completely different vibe from the movie. And that is what makes it special. It might not be his best movie (I haven't watched all his movies), but it is pretty good. Especially since it disguises itself as normal movie ... well as normal as an Ozon movie can be of course.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 /10

It's a plane, it's a bird, it's Super Baby

It is easy to dismiss Francois Ozon's fantasy film "Ricky", which seems to have been overlooked by most of his fans. There are subtext subtleties which point this is no ordinary fairy tale devised by a man that has tackled families in crisis before, as it is the case with Katie, a struggling single mother with a daughter Lisa, of about ten years old, who is wiser than her years. Perhaps the director wanted to explore with this new venture how the working classes deal with their ordinary lives.

Katie who works in a chemical plant, meets a new fellow worker, the Spaniard Paco, a good nature man who likes her immediately. Before long, Paco moves in Katie's council estate flat. Lisa is reluctant, at first to accept the new man in her mother's life. Nothing is revealed as to whom is Lisa's father. It does not take long for Katie to realize she is pregnant. One night, at dinner, Katie has prepared a roasted chicken. Paco, cutting the bird, asks Lisa what part of it she wants to eat. The wings, she replies. This incident bears into the story later on.

The arrival of little Ricky is welcomed by all. The infant is a problem baby. He does not appear to be like others, but he appears to be healthy. Katie becomes alarmed when she notices bruises on Ricky's back, and becomes suspicious of Paco's care. Paco is enraged when confronted by her. He decides to go away, leaving his newly found family to fend for themselves. When the bruises are examined by a doctor, it is clear the boy is developing wings. What's a mother to do?

Little Ricky is in fact developing small wings. They catch him over a wardrobe; little by little he is flying all over the apartment, even bumping into the glass of a window. Paco returns to find this new development. He has an idea to help with the costs they will incur if they want the baby to have an operation. How about get a friendly journalist to take their case? In fact, that only serves to get media attention when they did not want. The mere mention of this turns Katie off; how could Paco be thinking about commercialism at a time like this? After the family decides to cooperate, they come outside the housing complex holding Ricky. Paco, tying a cord around Ricky's ankles to secure he will not fly away, gives it to Katie, who in a moment of not paying attention, lets the cord loose and the infant flies away.

What is a mother to do next? Missing Ricky so much, she has decided she is going to give a try on motherhood, as we watch her in bed visibly pregnant!

Francois Ozon obviously wanted to tell a story that was entertaining as well as making a statement while he was at it. This film is not easy to grasp. All the elements are there and perhaps in being ambiguous, he wanted to challenge the viewer. He certainly had a way to get the attention of an audience, although it is a complex metaphor about a family and their environment and how the arrival of the new man upsets the universe between mother and a daughter that is more mature than her years.

Akexandra Lamy is perfect as Katie. She is a capable actress with a natural intelligence in her approach as the mother. Little Melusine Mayance surprises with the way she plays Lisa. This girl is not obnoxious in contrast with other screen young actresses; she appears to be a natural. Sergi Lopez is the affable Paco, the immigrant who is rewarded with an instant family in his adopted country. Mr. Lopez keeps giving strong performances. Arthur Peyret is adorable as Ricky.

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