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An Ice Wine Christmas





One of Philadelphia's top wine sommeliers goes home to the magical vineyards of Evergreen, NY to take part in the town's annual Ice Wine Christmas Festival and harvest.


Jill Carter

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 /10


There is an element of gut over science, almost of magic, in this movie. I had difficulty pushing my attitude into that realm. There are plenty of movies during the Christmas season that ask you to accept that element of magic, like when a nice old man with a white beard walks out of the picture and next thing you know there is the hint that he is flying away with his reindeer. I can usually accept that and deal with such movies as Christmas fantasy. I just couldn't tell in this movie whether the movie makers were asking us to take a similar step in our minds, or whether it was simply a matter of someone with an intuition that puts together facts subconsciously. That disconnect spoiled the movie for me. It left me confused.

I'm likewise uncertain in what I think about the acting and chemistry between the leads. I didn't see the chemistry, but it may have been because of my confusion over the other issues. Certainly Roselyn Sanchez is appealing in her character of Camilla. Sanchez has an elegance about her.

I also didn't understand Camilla's indecision over her promotion offer. She's asked several times if she likes her job and she doesn't seem to know. I can understand indecision, but in this case I didn't understand the specific reasons for it.

Reviewed by johne-55952 4 /10

Only made it through 20 minutes or so

This being a Hallmark-style movie you're not going to get an original plot or particularly good writing. The most you can hope for is clever dialog, decent acting and maybe even some chemistry between love interests. This has none of these. I found it so tedious that I turned it off after 20 minutes and I wasn't even really paying attention anyway (cruising the web on my tablet).

Bad acting. Really bad writing although the female lead didn't seem to follow the script anyway. The scenery was mostly Hallmark standard B-roll from Canada but ironically I don't think it was from the area where they make ice wine (Niagra).

Skip It.

Reviewed by cammietime 1 /10

Ice Whiny Christmas

Ice Wine Christmas is, how do we say it, irritating to watch and totally skippable. We follow wine connoisseur Camila (Roslyn Sanchez) go back to her home town of Evergreen and get all worked up over ice wine production after the magical old grandpa who owns the winery decides to - gasp - retire and go to Florida for the winter. He hires Declan (Lyriq Bent), an intelligent down to earth scientist to take over but Camila doesn't like him from the get go even though Declan is the only normal person in the entire movie. Camilia talks down to Declan, makes him wear a ridiculous bright yellow coat, and undermines his scientific credibility - this all comes across quite naturally for Camila so it is a grating adjustment when the plot requires these two to be in love. It just...doesn' The two leads have about as much chemistry as a trash can and an old tire.

I'm honestly not sure why the director thought basing an entire movie on an ice wine harvest prediction was a good idea. The jerky nervous anxious editing doesn't help. Camila is not very likable and has unexplained motivations to be annoying, skeptical, and negative. What Declan sees in her, I have no idea. Manufactured drama over automating ice wine production is only so exciting. Camila isn't even an employee of the winery yet she is furious over the business decisions of the owner who by all accounts is doing everything he can to keep everything going per usual after he retires. Camila's Anna Kendrick look-a-like sister seems confused and lost. Nobody seems to bother to look at the weather forecast, weather is predicted by chickadee feathers and dirt in this universe. Camila's overly embellished Miami style accent is out of place and obnoxious. They all want the ice wine frost to come on Christmas but that means they have to do hard manual labor picking grapes all night, in the cold, on Christmas. This makes absolutely no sense.

I won't sugarcoat it, this movie is a dumpster fire. It's not cheesy bad, it's just bad. Declan always acts like he wishes he is somewhere else. I don't blame him.

Rating: F, 1 out of 10 stars.

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