Adoring (2019) torrent download



Drama / Family / Romance



Star-studded holiday ensemble comedy about pets and their owners lives.


Larry Yang


Wallace Chung
as Li Xiang
Yang Zishan
as Qu Feifei
Leo Wu
as Chen Leyun
Zhang Zifeng
as Jiang Nan
Yu Hewei
as Gao Ming

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zeekwunlau 7 /10

so warm

Shadow is a reality through-write. Our emotional communication with pets is both abstract and real. Although it cannot express ourselves in language, it lives with us day and night, and is dependent on joy and sadness, and cultivates a tacit understanding of "only knowing and not speaking." Therefore, when we have an increasingly rich material life, our spiritual and emotional needs become urgent, and "pet-keeping" is naturally our best choice, because it not only gives loyalty but also companionship- - Take it for a lifetime, stay with me for half a life. The movie "Chong Ai" really touched us with such companionship. Pets became a member of the family, not only integrating the cuteness, coquetry and healing power, but also our soul mate.

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