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Highway to Heaven





In this 2021 film adaptation of the original, classic television series, an angel returns to Earth, under the guise of a school counselor to help troubled students and families.


Stacey K. Black

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 6 /10

Nice but Disappointing

It was too nice. Everyone was nice. There were no antagonists to give the movie some bite. It certainly was not a Lifetime movie. It was more like a Hallmark movie that was shown on Lifetime. I had no problem with any of the actors, other than everyone was so nice. I was hoping to see a few more divine magic tricks besides the flower, the phone and the door. Rather mundane. The boy Cody reminded me of a young John Connor and a young Jason Bateman. That's a good thing. It would have been a little helpful if the dad and the principal didn't look alike. The movie dragged on a little too much in the last half hour. The electronic music was less than stellar. For the principal to be become the next Mark Gordon, I was hoping he'd be a little feistier. But he's just nice, like everyone else. A nice movie that set the table for a nice TV show.

Reviewed by nanettemeau 10 /10

Beautiful movie

Jill Scott is a real life angel. Love her! I recommend this movie for a blessing from God. Finally a sweet uplifting movie 2021. ❤❤❤ Grab some popcorn, wine and comfy foods. Enjoy!!!

Reviewed by oksankadrobakha 10 /10


It is such a heartwarming and beautiful movie! The message was just great! Jill Scott was just amazing in this role. You can just feel she put all her heart and soul into this movie. In such uncertain and difficult times we need more kindness and this is a reminder that everyone can be an angel to those who are struggling in this life.

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