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The Return of Eliot Ness


Crime / Drama



In 1947 when a cop whom Eliot Ness worked with when he was in Chicago is killed, he goes back to Chicago for the funeral. When he arrives, there's a lot of talk that his friend was dirty which Ness doesn't believe. He learns the man's own son also a cop thinks it's true. Ness was about to leave when he decides to stay and try and prove his friend is not dirty. He starts by teaming up with the man's son and investigating the case his friend was working on when he was killed, which involves one of Capone's associates. —[email protected]


James A. Contner


Robert Stack
as Eliot Ness
Jack Coleman
as Gil Labine
Philip Bosco
as Art Malto
Anthony DeSando
as Bobby Malto
Lisa Hartman
as Madeline Whitfield
Charles Durning
as Roger Finn
Michael Copeman
as Det. Bert Moody

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenpaulgarsh 6 /10

1991 "Attempt" at Noir in Color

Good try for us Untouchables Fans. I loved the cars! But every single vehicle looked like it just rolled out of the showroom! Not a bad plot! I was totally engaged, and was thrilled that Robert Stack hadn't lost his deadpan portrayal of Elliot Ness. Too bad Walter Winchell wasn't around to narrate.

Reviewed by parmrh N/A

His Last Case.........

Robert Stack returns to his most famous role in this return of (the fictional) Eliot Ness.

Being a fan who has the entire early 60's TV series, I can state that Robert Stack does a good job of bringing back his no-nonsense crime-buster characterization. True, Stack appears a bit stiff, and he has of course, aged...But then the story takes place in 1947, so Ness himself has aged since his early 1930's Chicago days.

The plot involves Ness returning to Chicago for the funeral of an old friend and former "Untouchable" who has been shot dead and is now reputed to be corrupt. Ness objects and begins to investigate, uncovering a twisting trail filled with old foes and young mobsters who think that Ness is Over The Hill.

Of course, Ness proves to be far from a fossil and it's good to see Robert Stack with a Fedora and a Tommy Gun again.

I would recommend this for any fan of The Untouchables, if only as a good sentimental "final chapter" to the series' 118 episodes. The television Ness has a style that's extremely enjoyable, even though the REAL Eliot Ness was not the man that Stack portrayed (the real Ness has yet to see Justice done him in any form besides noted author/historian Max Allan Collins' excellent series of Eliot Ness Mysteries)...

"The Untouchables" series stands as the finest sustained example of Film Noir ever done, and "The Return Of Eliot Ness" is...His Last Case.

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