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Counter Investigation


Crime / Thriller



Richard is a typical cop who spends too much time on the job and isn't always there for his family. One day as he's preparing to spend some quality time with his young daughter he gets an urgent call and responds to it - when he returns home his daughter is missing, but her body is quickly discovered. Racked with guilt he is also filled with hatred for the man arrested for the crime, but after being sent to prison the convict eventually manages to lure Richard into a secret correspondence. Doubts begin to surface - was he really the guilty man, or could this have been work of another serial child abductor who may have been in the area? Richard launches his own investigation, and finally uncovers a new witness. Gritty detective thriller. —Graham Inglis


Franck Mancuso


Jean Dujardin
as Richard Malinowski
Laurent Lucas
as Daniel Eckmann
Agnès Blanchot
as Claire Malinowski
Jacques Frantz
as Michel Arnalde
Jean-Pierre Cassel
as Docteur Delmas

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 /10

Surprised ...

... by a few things. Like how good the movie was, how bad it is rated here and how convincing the main actor was in this (given the movie I saw him before was a spoof, OSS 117). Although I heard he's a big star over in France.

No wonder I say. His performance holds this movie together, which may be a little predictable and might run a bit too long, but it still is a good movie. With a very difficult topic that is. And a relationship between two characters, that is disturbing to say the least. And that's not only counting for the wife of the main character (it's his movie though, which is apparent too), but also with the other main person of the movie. It moves slowly, but if you adapt to that, than you will like it (and the twists will be a nice addition, too).

Reviewed by dbdumonteil N/A


Having watched for years Jean Dujardin in his hilarious sitcom "Un Gars Une Fille" ,I was wondering how he would manage in a dramatic story.He is quite convincing ,as is Laurent Lucas in a shady role.The story is ,except for the debatable ending,close to the famous Boileau-Narcejac frame-ups with a dash of Patricia Highsmith thrown in for good measure ,but the characters lack in-depth psychology.The movie is too short and the part of Daniel is underwritten.The scene when Dujardin arrives on the scene of the crime shows the influence of Clint Eastwood's "Mystic river" .All in all,this is a rather good thriller,which could have been really great.The short nightmare scene ("I can't ,dad,I'm dead") is effective.

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 /10

Excellent acting

I was very impressed with the acting in 2007's Counter Investigation," a French film directed by Franck Mancuso, who also co-wrote the script.

Jean Dujardin gives a moving and strong performance as Richard Malinowski, a police detective whose young daughter is raped and murdered. A man, Daniel Eckmann (Laurent Lucas) is arrested but begins to write to Richard, claiming to be innocent. Upon investigation, Richard discovers that a serial killer of young children was in the vicinity at the time his child was killed.

The story is good but I had it figured out right away, which sort of spoiled it for me. And my big problem was Malinowski leaving his daughter home alone. It's perhaps because I live in the U.S. and have seen too many true crime shows, but I was surprised when he did it.

Laurent Lucas is handsome and underplayed his role as the imprisoned man. He does a wonderful job. He and Dujardin had the largest roles, but everyone was convincing. Agnes Blanchot, Jacques Frantz, Jean- François Garreaud, and Jean-Pierre Cassel rounded out a forceful cast.

What was so right-on about the main characters is that one never knew what either one was thinking or was going to do next.


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