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A Picture Perfect Holiday


Drama / Family / Romance


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Gaby Jones, fashion photographer, takes a holiday retreat against her desire by advise of her friend. She will then find that there's more behind a photo when she meets wildlife photographer Sean.


J.E. Logan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 /10

Push past Gabby being annoying

There are a few double-booked stories and it usually comes down to how enjoyable is the relationship between the leads. I was ready to write this one off because Gabby was much too arrogant, condescending, rude and self-absorbed for the first 20 minutes. The writers of many movies seem to think that have to have the leads be antagonistic with one another to the point of offensive. Some of this continued through about 1/3rd of the movie. I will say that instead of the usual instant switch to being nice, this movie tappers it a little. Gabby was never truly unselfish.

Gabby and Sean quickly connect with an all female couple. Each one confesses to either Gabby or Sean that they intend to propose to the other. It takes most of the movie to happen and eventually Gabby and Sean start scheming to help make it happen.

Tatyana Ali and Henderson Wade have some chemistry together, and the story spends a fair amount of screen time developing their relationship. Other than Gabby's career, there is little negative tension.

Acting and dialogue are decent but not sparkling. The characters remarked on great scenery but I would say it was nice but not breathtaking. Overall, I consider this a middle of the road Christmas movie which would have been more enjoyable with a bit softer Gabby.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 2 /10

What is this supposed to be?

I am not sure than more than five minutes of this film are worth saving. As much as Hallmark is losing inspirations and lowers its standards, Lifetime always manages to run one or two notches below. This production is soulless, awkward and void of authenticity or attention to details. Fist, there is but a casual relation to Christmas or Holidays. Then, the two main characters are enthusiastic professional photographers who spend long time in painful disquisitions of the merits of photographic intents and techniques and, yet, do not seem to know how to hold a camera beyond the ability to point-and-shoot. Tatyana Ali who used to be cute and, now, tries to look cute, plays Gaby, who remains aloof and self-centered until the last five minutes of the action. One wonders why kind and handsome Sean should have any interest in her, unless he has a magical intuition of her hidden qualities revealed in the last five minutes. It is hard to explain how, unable to connect to one another, they should find such a deep interest in the intertwined relationship between Dani and Amelie, which feels like an artificial, unnecessary intrusion in the main story. These latter characters appear so stiff and unfeeling that only provide a chill factor while a snowfall is awaited. The reality is that Lifetime seems to regard these movies as mere carriers of woke messages or proclamations. Good acting, chemistry, credibility, and entertaining become secondary, if not irrelevant, notions. The wokest, the brokest.

Reviewed by ladya-82293 9 /10

Charming and Refreshing

This movie was very charming and refreshing. Tatyana Ali and Henderson Wade have really good chemistry. Yes she is snarky at the beginning but so is he and who doesn't love an enemies to lovers trope. That's why they makes so many of the Christmas movies that way. I love the personal stories behind why one loves Christmas so much and why the other doesn't. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would love to see these two in another film one day. Watch this one with an open mind. You will like it!

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