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All the Little Animals


Adventure / Drama / Thriller



Bobby Platt is a mentally slow young man who escapes an abusive, hateful stepfather who has killed his pets one by one. To save himself, Bobby runs away and meets a strange old man who wanders the highways to bury roadkill animals. Bobby becomes the old man's apprentice and learns to see the world of nature in a strange idyllic way. But soon the shadow of his stepfather catches up to him and Bobby's world explodes into a grotesque nightmare. —Harrison


Jeremy Thomas


John Hurt
as Mr. Summers
Christian Bale
as Bobby Platt
Daniel Benzali
as Bernard 'The Fat' De Winter
James Faulkner
as Mr. Stuart Whiteside
John O'Toole
as Lorry Driver
Amy Robbins
as Valerie Ann Platt, Bobby's Mother

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TxMike N/A

Set in 1996, Christian Bale in his early 20s as a young man bothered by "The Fat."

I will take a stab here and assume Bobby's reference to "The Fat" is British slang for "the stepfather." That is the only thing that makes sense to me.

It is set in 1996 because we see that date on the grave marker of his recently deceased mother. As Bobby explains in a voice-over, The Fat killed her, not overtly, but by making her so unhappy that she wasted away. Now The Fat is after Bobby to sign papers that will reject his inheritance and give sole ownership to the London store he ran with Bobby's mother. Bobby is so distraught over this because, as she was dying, his mother told him not to sign anything. So he ran away.

Christian Bale in his early 20s as Bobby Platt. He had a severe head injury when he was younger and as a result comes across as rather simple. As he heads towards the Cornwall area, to hunt up his grandfather, Bobby meets up with a man whose mission in life is to collect dead animals he finds on roadways and give them a decent burial. This strikes a chord with Bobby and soon they befriend each other, and in fact Bobby moves in to live with the man, John Hurt as Mr. Summers.

Once Bobby explains all his entanglements to Mr Summers, they pay a visit back in London with The Fat, who does not take the visit very well, resenting the "friend" who wants to see Bobby do the right thing.

This is a movie that many audiences will not embrace because it is not your normal mainstream movie. However I enjoyed it for the actors, both are in fine form.

SPOILERS: The Fat chokes and beats Mr Summers, then takes him and Bobby in the big black car to where Mr Summers' cabin in the woods. Nearly dead he whispers to Bobby to be cunning, to trick The Fat, he needed to be killed. Distracted by lots of hidden money in the floor, Bobby uses his new knife to slash The Fat across the back of his neck then runs towards the sea. The Fat follows, in the car, bleeding badly, and in a final act of trying to run over Bobby with the car, crashes into an old, deep abandoned shaft. Bobby buries Mr Summers, takes as much of the money as he can, and carries on the mission of giving appropriate burials to dead animals.

Reviewed by Doylenf 6 /10

Gentle story takes bizarre dark turn into Stephen King territory...

Nobody can accuse Christian BALE of choosing to do conventional stories. He's starring in a really quirky tale here, about an isolated boy running away from a cruel step-father (DANIEL BENZALI) and connecting with a hermit (JOHN HURT) who resides in a rundown shack in the woods, guarding a dark secret involving the death of a woman he killed and a whole lot of stashed cash.

It starts out peacefully enough, but soon invades Stephen King territory when the tale takes a much darker turn. DANIEL BENZALI is truly scary in the scene where he mocks Hurt and almost strangles him to death, after which he kicks him brutally in the side. He then forces Bale to take him to the hermit's hut deep in the woods and has him dig a couple of graves. To tell any more would spoil the rest of the plot and give away too much--let's just say, the viewer is kept wondering what will happen next, especially during the last ten minutes.

Beautifully photographed among handsome British locales, it's not exactly a pleasant story and, again, it's not surprising to see that Christian BALE is not your conventional young actor choosing only safe material. Much like Johnny Depp, he dares to take on boldly unconventional films that he must think have some sort of social significance.

Serious movie buffs might find this independent film intriguing, but it's not for the average movie-goer.

Reviewed by AaronCapenBanner 7 /10

Moving Film About Wandering Souls.

Christian Bale stars as Bobby Platt, an innocent young man that doesn't fit in so well with society(I sympathize greatly!) who is forced to take to the highways and roads of Cornwall, England after his mother dies, and his evil sociopath of a stepfather decides to put him away to gain full control of the family business.

Bobby is viewed as mentally challenged, but really that is a misunderstanding of this poor innocent person(quite possibly undiagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum), who loves nature, and after befriending fellow wanderer Mister Summers(played with quiet dignity by John Hurt) decides to help him bury dead animals killed by cars along the road. Mr. Summers has a secret past that keeps him a recluse, but they form a close friendship that becomes threatened by the return of the stepfather...

Christian Bale is entirely believable, and his journey of self-discovery and inner growth is remarkable. Story does have a jarring change of tone in the climax, but this is not enough to mar this otherwise memorable film that like-minded viewers will appreciate, with a quietly moving and fitting end.

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