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Colorz of Rage


Action / Drama / Thriller



When an interracial couple move to New York City from the suburbs of Boston, they are hit with a hard-core reality that they are totally unprepared for.

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Reviewed by mavrik-2 10 /10


Ayo, this film is better than Hype's weak stinker Belly and all them new Soul Food rip offs put together. Redman was tight and the angry militant Ali was off the hook. For a white dude who wrote, directed, produced and starred in this film it was amazing. the real soul R&B singing by Soul Queen Cheryl Pepsii Riley and Nicki Richards blows that sick goat Mary j Blige out the water and all them other wanna be divas. This is a classic and the first of many from the next Martin Scorcese

Reviewed by mavrik-2 10 /10

Fantastic Film!!!

Simply put...this film has heart, soul and something to say. This film maker is years ahead of his fellow directors! This is a must see!

No other true indie film maker of the last 10 years is on this level of film making!

Reviewed by mavrik-2 10 /10

Great Movie

This is an excellent film that addresses the still very touchy issue known as racism. The story is a fish out of water formula that serves the lead characters well. The music in the film is very authentic and is expertly placed as a nice subtle undertone that aides in driving the story home. Should you need to understand or choose to view racism as it truly exists in today's New York then sit back and enjoy this quality indie urban feature.

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